Mindfulness Guided Meditation for Focus

Live a Green Life With Simple Steps

Sometimes turning your life around, changing a tactic, or going outside of your regular schedule is hard. These days people are “going green” but not everyone is having an easy time following suit. Here are a few simple ideas on making your home and life a little greener.

How To Flow

Doesn’t that sound peaceful? Almost like taking a big breath and then releasing it slowly. Most of us have this mistaken idea that we can control life. We can’t.

If It Hurts It’s Not Love – How to Break Your Chain of Pain

It’s not unusual to get into a relationship when we’re lonely, bored, scared to fend for ourselves, aren’t accustomed to being alone, or just plain don’t like our own company.What is it we think we’re in love with? Our partner or potential partner or how they make us feel? For many of us, that’s one and the same thing but it’s an important distinction to become aware of.

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