Mindful Morning Meditation for Everyday Use

How to Activate the Principle of INTUITION in Your Life and Business

Are you ready to activate the principle of intuition in your life and business? What is intuition exactly? Why does intuition matter? How can you connect more deeply with my intuition?

Why Your Complaining Is Toxic and What You Can Do About It

We are a nation filled with people who love to complain. On average we complain 15-30 times a day. Sometimes we even bond with others over our love of complaining.

Are You Playing to Win? (Be the Opportunity Detector)

In today’s fast-paced life, you can’t afford to follow your dreams without positivity. Especially in this age of turmoil, lack of positivity makes you deal with lots of challenges and derail your future success. It hinders you looking at your dreams in a more upbeat manner.

When Things Go Awry

In life, there are good surprises-moments that fill us with wonder and lift our spirits. But there are also terrible surprises, those that break us into pieces for a spell and take our breath away. Sometimes things go awry.

What Are Your Skills and Abilities? (Identify and Hone Your Skills)

Recently, I was reading the survey reports about people’s natural skills (and abilities) and I was truly shocked because I found that a large number of people (93%) go through life without honing their natural skills. In that poll, only 7% of the people rated their skills as above average; and, of course, they were successful – and satisfied – in their lives.

Taking Personal Development Courses

A lot of success stories can be attributed to personal development courses people take. These courses teach us what we’ve possibly missed out on during our years as students. Others may say that these courses don’t really help much to enrich our careers or our personal lives, but many have already proven that these courses have a lot to offer people in terms of self awareness and developing our talents and potentials. These development courses don’t focus on just one aspect of our lives. If we, as individuals are able to get to know ourselves better, we will be able to identify our strengths and weaknesses and have the chance to do something about our lives. Whether it is to develop our skills and talents to be able to live up to our potential, or just to grow as a person, we can all benefit from a lesson or two.

The Perfection Paradox

This article looks at perfection in relation to spiritual evolution. Perfection is the process of improving. However, there is a paradox in this thinking. How is it possible to improve on something that is already perfect? Why must we strive for perfection?

Determination As a Key to Achieve Success

It has been said that determination is the most important predictor to success. Calvin Coolidge put it this way: “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent.”

Replacing Fear With Love

From an evolutionary point of view, fear and anxiety are programmed into who we are so that we know when to move away from people and experiences that endanger us; however, this internal signal seems to have taken on a life of its own in modern times. Far too many people are driven by endless forms of fear and anxiety – much of them products of our own imaginations and obsessive thinking.

What Is a Mission Statement?

Businesses, Churches, Charities and other organizations often have mission statements. Many individuals also have a mission statement. Read on to discover what a mission statement is, and why it is important for you to create one!

How to Be Authentic

Learn how to be authentic and change your life! Authenticity brings about happiness and fulfillment to your life, while making you a more attractive man.

5 Easy Practices to Move You to Your Dreams

You become an athlete of God, says Martha Graham, by practicing. Don’t you love that idea? Wherever we are in our life, we are all athletes. And that’s why we need practice to build our muscles to face adversity and adventure. That’s why I am including 5 easy practices that can help you stay on course to reach your goals and move you to your dreams.

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