Mindful Morning 10 Minute Guided Meditation

The Power of Focus – You Really Do Become What You Think About Most

Have you ever bought a new car, and then suddenly noticed the exact same model car everywhere? Did everyone else buy the same brand at the same time? No, of course not, it’s just that you did not start noticing those cars until they were significant to you. This event is caused by a part of your brain called the Reticular Activation Systems or RAS for short. Your eyes (and other senses) take in everything, millions of images, hundreds of sounds, but your brain does not have the capacity to process everything (especially at the conscious level). So your RAS acts like a filter to your conscious mind. RAS processes every sensory input, and asks, “Is this significant to me?” If the answer is “Yes” then the input is processed and filed away for your use. How do we determine what is significant? It is whatever we focus on. This focus is POWER. This power can be used to guarantee your success, or be used to show you the path to absolute failure.

How to Handle Difficult People – 5 Tips to Be the Stronger Person

Everyday you have the privilege of dealing with people you feel are difficult. A strong person is the one who will step out and accept personal responsibility for improving the relationship. Will you be that person?

8 Ways to Become an Inner Fluency Woman

You don’t need to rely on others to get your needs met. Responsibility for happiness is yours. Your self-esteem is found deep inside. You surround yourself with positive energy. You surround yourself with empowering and supportive friends. You require a profession, career, or business that expresses your skills, smarts, and passions.

5 Necessary Ingredients to Move Through Fear

Everyone does well when they can follow a recipe! So, I developed these 6 ingredients that are necessary to move through the fear. It’s simple but powerful.

Body and Mind: The Foundation of Human Potential

Holistic traditions address all the aspects of ourselves as a complete being: body, mind, heart, soul, spirit. Each of these aspects of our self plays a vital role in making up who we are. Working to bring them all into alignment provides us with a framework to awaken to our full human potential.

Change Happens and Change Is Created

Change is part of life. It happens whether we want it or not. Yet there is also change that we can introduce that allows us to create the life we want for ourselves.

The Science of Momentum

What is the source of power within you, or our organization that can turn around virtually anything. The Answer is Momentum. Momentum is the process that takes something hard and makes it easy. It’s the skill set that you need to do the most difficult part of any task – Starting It. Nothing ever gets done until you take the first step. Most people think about it, study it, they fret about it, they complain about it, but they don’t DO it. Momentum is a science, it’s a step by step process. And once you know the process, you can use the same steps to get momentum in any area of your life. To succeed in any situation, you must take the first step. Because, if you do the first step, you’ll likely do the second thing, and the third thing, it’s the natural part of momentum. So what is the first step in Creating Momentum?

What Is Personal Development? How Does It Apply To YOU?

EVERYONE was born with a special gift, a passion that they alone are to express and share with the world and in return help others. BUT the biggest issue here is that LIFE is getting in the way, most if not all woman have no clue what their passion(s) are but most can say that they do feel an inner desire, their intuition maybe, telling them that they desire more or deserve more.

Do You Need to Forgive Someone?

I’m sure you know that to be able to move forward in life it’s important to be able to forgive. Holding on to anger, bitterness, resentment, sadness will do nothing but hold you back.

Self-Empowerment – How to Get This Attribute

Life is what we make it. What are the obstacles that hinder your self-growth that leads to the path of empowerment? To know yourself is one of the greatest tool of self-empowerment. No one can do this but you. The choice is yours to make.

You: A Meaning Maker

In December of last year, a good friend of mine nearly lost his life. Yesterday, I had the good fortune of sitting down with him for the first time since his experience.

Develop Your Inner Peace

Practice inner peace for inner growth. You know that you need to work on your own personal growth and development and you do not understand why you are stuck where you are right now. Here is a really important method for changing the direction of your life.

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