Mind Drifting or Falling Asleep During Meditation? – Watch This! [Powerful Himalayan Yogic Practice]

Emotional Mindfulness Practice From a Life Coach for Women

When I came across the quote below from Victor Frankl this morning, I decided to take it into meditation so that I might absorb it more fully. When I read this quote, it seemed to resonate with a chord deep inside me. In this article, I share from my meditation and experience about a mindfulness practice for becoming a giver of light.

Love On It’s Head

I really like animals. I have horses, calves, and a few dogs. I love caring for them. But people are a little complex. Who would we choose?

How Do You Handle the Changes in Life?

A little over three decades ago my life was humming along in a predictable way. The children were growing up with only two left at home. I had given up alcohol. Both my wife and I had good jobs…

What’s the Plan for the Holidays?

At a recent workshop, guests and I discussed the chaos and struggles we don’t want to take with us into this holiday season. There are approximately five weeks of this season, and they can provide us with a time to reflect, spend our precious time with our friends and family or completely loose our minds and find an extra 10 pounds. A few of the snags we found are: We expect and “need” to have everything perfect, aligned and “our” way. The average weight gain from Thanksgiving to New Year’s is eight to ten pounds. We take on way too many obligations, we tend to over extend our “goodness” by helping others and neglecting our own needs. We forget that many gifts should be a “token” of thanks not an elaborate, over-the-top masterpiece. In short, we overdo, overspend and overeat.

In Between

Recently, I’ve been having a very unusual experience. I feel great and I don’t feel great. I’m in love with my life and I’m grieving my life. Confused? Yeah, me too.

Procrastination Is Your Greatest Enemy

Procrastination is something that most people can relate to. Why do something now that you can put off until later? While some of us suffer from this problem every now and again, there are many of us that choose to live by this creed, without realizing what a toll it can have on our daily lives.

How To Break Bad Habits?

In order for you to move forward in life, there are some bad habits that you will need to break starting today. Breaking bad habits will take time, discipline, patience, and a desire to break them. Habits cannot be broken overnight. The same way you develop bad habits will be the exact same way you break them.

Helplessness Doesn’t Exist: Being Content or Being Active

So many who dislike their life also feel helpless to change it. But if you hate your life, what else are you supposed to do? Either you accept it, or you change it.

Live at the Edge of Your Fears

Far too many people choose their fears over their desires. They choose the comfortable life over the daring life. But it’s in your fears that you learn and grow, and if you’re unwilling to venture there – into what scares you – then you can expect little of both.

Top 5 Self Help Gurus

A guru could be defined as a teacher, advisor or rehabilitator who is using his or her skills to help an individual apply the given advice positively to his or her life. Self help gurus could be described as teachers promoting good behavior in the society by extending their knowledge to desiring individuals who apply it positively through rehabilitation or family matters.

Enjoy the Contrast

Are you enjoying the contrast your new desires are creating for you? You can stay positive and avoid taking a big step backwards. It is possible to release past traumatic experiences from your heart and move on to direct your life. Read on to learn how.

Eternal Optimists or Serial Fools? Which One Are You?

I like to call myself an optimist, always look out for opportunities even in the worst conditions and have been living a life of courage and hope, while another slice of me also remains foolish when it comes to heart matters. So in short, I am a proud optimist and also a passionate fool. How’s that?

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