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Experiences In Childhood And Adolescence That Affect Us And Our Future!

How can we use the experiences that we have had so far in our lives and, more important, how can we create experiences to become what we want to be? This also leans towards the question ‘who gave you those experiences during your growing years’ and what are you passing along to others with your own self development?’

How to Stop Nightmares Without the Use of Drugs!

If you suffer from any debilitating sleep disorders such as insomnia, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea and jet lag, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. I mean the nights spent tossing and turning, praying that you’ll fall asleep fast. You look hopelessly at the alarm clock as the midnight hours turn into morning. You end up dreading another day at work, because your sleep disorder has effectively turned you into a zombie.

How To Change And Let Go Of Old Patterns

When you wake up in the morning do you feel like you are ready to start the day as who you are or do you see one moment the same as the next, the same as yesterday? It is important in life to remember that all is changing constantly, including yourself.

To Be Happy Is the Meaning of Life – And Fearing the Power Within You

Doing well? Great. Ready to move out of your comfort zone? I do not want you to be afraid of the power within you.

A Good Job – Part 2

The idea it seems is to get through school (or equivalent) and get a “good job”. No one can explain what a good job is since the idea of a good job may be more personal than what society thinks.

Tips for Accepting and Embracing Change in Your Life

Accepting change in your life is a daily occurrence, but those changes are so small that you hardly notice although they are part of your personal growth. During life it will happen to all of us that bigger changes unexpectedly fall on our heads. You didn’t seek this change and it feels like a disaster, you get desperate, you feel fear, you absolutely want to fight the change and you get angry when that is not possible. You have lost control of what goes on in your life this moment, and that more than anything depresses you.

No Regrets Later Requires Wisdom Now

Putting childish ways behind us means deciding now, in wisdom, so regrets are not later experienced. It’s holding onto those ill-conceived words, not bringing our fingers to the mouth with junk food, resisting complaining, ungodly compromises and comparisons, and getting our sleep if we can.

The Boy Who Carried The Sack Of Rice

What do you carry? Books, food, or extra pair of shoes are inside your bag, and many other things. We all carry a lot, and thank God for the stuff we carry.

Accepting Change Will Give You Peace

In my younger days I was naive enough to think I could control change. I’ve learned, but not quickly enough, that no one can control or stop change. And, here is an interesting little fact: Charles Darwin believed that those who survive are the people who can adapt to ongoing change. They are not necessarily the most intelligent or even the strongest people, but they are the survivors. That thought of survival brings me to today’s topic of change and how to understand it a little better.

Being Charismatic

To become more confident in day to day life it helps to develop a bit of a charismatic personality to help you along. Are people born with this quality or can it be acquired? The answer is yes it can be and I am going to show you some tricks to help you come off as more charismatic.

Personal Growth – Set Yourself Free – Everyone Has Life Issues

Choosing the right personal growth coach is never easy, and it gets even more difficult when you consider that many of the “online coaches” out there have no real qualifications, and have issues, or psychological problems themselves. Over the last many years we’ve watched as more and more personal coaches are popping up online in social networks, like FaceBook, attempting to find clientele there with low-self esteem. Fortunately, for these new so-called “Professional Online Coaches” do find fishes, or potential clients, with low-self esteem.

Reprogramming The Elder Mind

Don’t look now but a new generation of elders are moving in. Bottom line is the Baby Boomer Generation is not going to age like their parents generation. This is the generation which brought us Hippies, Rock & Roll, the Environmental Movement, the Feminist Movement, Health Food, Personal Computers and The Internet! Just as the young boomers tried to recreate a unique vision of what it was to be a human “being”, I think that on the other end, this same generation will begin to evaluate their life experience in a unique manner. Or maybe they will simply be the first generation to even attempt to evaluate their life experience.

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