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The Difference Between Transformation and Knowledge – Get It or Just Know It

Most of you know a lot and you are proud of it but how many of you truly “Get It” and what is the difference between getting it and just understanding something. In this article you will learn that difference; the difference between Transformation and Knowledge. When you “get it” your life will be transformed and you will not only know.

Become Master Of Your Mind – And Change Your Life!

Change your thinking from negative to positive by becoming the Master of your Mind. Avoid negative issues and people and instead mix with positive people who demonstrate enthusiasm and joy for life.

Before You Hire an Online Based Canadian Personal Growth Coach – Make Sure They Report Taxes

The CDA or Canadian Revenue Agency which collects income tax from Canadian Citizens now realizes it is losing nearly a billion dollars a year from online businesses. They also note that it’s hard to track down many of these folks because their “domain names” are registered in another country, and their ISPs and hosting companies are in another country as well, generally the United States. For a small fee the domain name register will cloak the identity of the domain name holder making things even tougher.

The Audacity and Unearned Ego of a Self Proclaimed Genius Self Help Guru Considered

When it comes to personal growth and personal character it must be earned, and that hardly matters if you a coach, mentor, or a client. To achieve in live and live without the stress and daily issues which drag on the psyche one must elevate their self-esteem and self-worth. The best way to do this is by overcoming adversity and building character.

Limiting Beliefs, Retained Emotions and the Transformation of Consciousness

The emotions we feel about a belief system empowers it and makes it seem like truth, makes our version of the past seem real. When the retained emotion is discharged from a belief system, the belief loses its sense of reality. We can then release limiting beliefs and gain freedom from the past.

Misconceptions Regarding Energy Therapies and Actual Proven Benefits

Reiki and other healing therapies provide a spiritual connection as well as proven benefits of relieving emotional and physical pain. The principle teachings of Reiki embrace a life of balance and promotes spiritual growth. The American Holistic Nurses Association has been practicing energy modalities such as Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch for the past 40 years. Are nurses not a credible and reliable source? How about Dr. Oz or Dr. Andrew Weil?

Personal Growth Coaches and Hypocrisy Lifestyles Considered

One of the most difficult things to do is to find a personal growth coach who actually lives by the words that they preach. And it is a lot harder than you might believe, as so many folks who would call themselves a coach, mentor, or consultant in the personal growth venue have less than stellar attributes themselves. That is not to say that there are not quite a few really excellent personal coaches specializing in helping you develop your full potential, because there certainly are.

Public Speaking Is Possible For Everyone

Public speaking is an activity that many people need to do every once in a while. As with many things in life, if it is not something that you do every day it can be very frightening when you actually have to do it. Moreover, for some people, the thought of public speaking can be absolutely terrifying. The circumstances for public speaking may be several: your child’s sports banquet, a friend’s birthday party, your colleague’s retirement party, your parent’s eulogy, to name but a few.

Male Midlife Directions

The second phase of life is often hard for many to deal with. As the world changes, many struggle to keep relevant in knowledge and fit in life the way they once did. Men and women alike can stumble into a midlife crisis when it becomes difficult and confusing to live a happy normal life.

Steps For How To Improve Your Life

Most of us face numerous challenges every day. Why is it that many people overcome, while others never seem to be able to gain ground? This article will talk about how you can overcome.

Attachment and Flight

“Something valid and necessary takes flight when it senses deep attachment, and this flight also seems so deeply rooted as to be an honest expression of soul. Our ultimate goal is to find ways to embrace both attachment and resistance to attachment, and the only way to that reconciliation of opposites is to dig deeply into the nature of each…

Do You Want to Create Your Life Vision Statement?

It doesn’t really take a genius to write your vision statement. All you need to do is ask yourself the following three questions and you will be on your way writing your life vision statement.

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