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Take Back Control of Your Money

Take control of your money by understanding your why. The reason it is of importance to you and how it will serve you best. It all starts with your feelings surrounding money and the value you place on it and the worth you believe to be true about yourself.

Overcoming the Need to Be Perfect

There are so many things on television, the internet and magazines that show us what perfection looks like. We see the perfect hairstyle, the perfect home, the perfect career. We are shown how to look like the perfect celebrity.

Five Steps To Escape Survival Mindset

There are five simple steps that will help you to move past just surviving to thriving. When exercised daily you will magically within just a few short days that the world is a much friendlier place and life lines up more in your favor.

What Does ETHICS Mean To You?

It often seems that we spend an inordinate amount of time and effort analyzing, evaluating and even rhetorically beating to death what ethical behavior is and involves! Most organizations, governing organizations, and associations have Codes of Ethics, yet it rarely translates to any real ETHICS, in terms of either attitudes, perspectives, behaviors or results. Although these groups even often mandate taking courses on this subject on a repeating and prescribed regular basis, often we still witness far more instances of violations than adherence to the principles and/ or ideals that should and must be involved.

OK. So What Is Personal Development?

Personal development can be measured in a number of different ways. People often consider formal education to equate to growth and success. But it goes much deeper than that. It can often seem a little daunting because it can involve changes in long held values, self image, habits and lifestyle.

Three Steps For Young Adults To Find Purpose, Make Decisions, And Attain The American Dream

What can a young adult that is lacking clear direction do right here, right now to revitalize hope in The American Dream? Three easy and repeatable action steps lead to fulfilling that dream: get a systematic approach in place for clarity of purpose, develop a growth mindset, and make a difference in the world!

Words of Loving Kindness

Prayer to Overcome Fear. Are you experiencing fear and anxiety on a daily basis?

You Are Not Being Punished By The Creator

Rather than being punished by GOD or Karma, you are actually getting exactly what you are asking for. There is no test to pass or lesson to learn. You have only to discover the power that is you and works through you to bring about thoughts into form.

Self Actualization and Self Realization Are Different

The famous psychologist, Abraham Maslow, came up with his Pyramid of Human Needs many years ago. The top of that pyramid was the need for self-actualization. However, if one were to go beyond this, that is ‘leap off the top,’ so to speak, into an entirely new dimension, that jump is Self-realization. This article deals with the difference between self-actualization and Self-realization, and points to where this is liable to lead you if you are serious in your intent.

Freedom to Be Fulfilled

As we in the United States celebrate our independence on July 4th, I pause to appreciate all the freedoms we enjoy in this country: freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom to pursue our version of happiness to name a few. Compared to many other women throughout the world, we have so much to give thanks for in the freedoms with which we lead our daily lives and pursue our dreams.

Thrival Principles For Life Mastery

Thrival energy principles work perfectly to bring forth the ideal held in thought, passion and action. Discovering the truth and releasing limiting beliefs brings forth exactly the desired experience.

Home Training And Morality – Is It The Ultimate?

When I saw other students like me who came to study; people from different background with different characters all trying to be a part of something, I felt that I had to become bold for people not to take advantage of me. But still it was not as simple as I thought. I started wishing I could be like others, go out like them, dress like them, laugh and smile like them so that I could be noticed. This caused me to make wrong decisions because I could not say NO.

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