Mercury Retrograde in Gemini – May/June 2021 – The Most Intense – Tips & Analysis by The Leo King

Why You Need a Critic

Critics are everywhere. Set an ambitious goal or chase a dream and someone will pass judgment on you. It’s a given. Negative comments from others can hurt and be tough to ignore. This article will not only help you deal with this type of treatment from others, it will actually show you how to use it to your advantage.

How To Get Your Prayers Answered!

Most people pray asking for what they want and expect an immediate response. In today’s culture everything is about NOW.

When and Why Did We Lose Our Passion?

Paul Moore just passed away recently. He was 94. He was an educator all his life. I remember him as my redheaded, pipe smoking principal of Warren G. Harding elementary school in East Saint Louis, IL. He was a kind; soft-spoken man who you could tell loved his job. He loved it so much he did it all his life. He had a passion for being an educator.

2013 – The Year I Find My Breath

When the breath wanders the mind also is unsteady.  But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still, and the yogi achieves long life.

Better Health Means Better Performance

In business, planning is essential. The failure rate for small businesses in the United States is a startling 95 percent, and 80 percent of that is within two years of start up. Why? Well, the Franklin Covey Center for Advanced Research says the primary reason for this high failure rate is lack of planning. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are so anxious to take their product or service to the marketplace that they fail to plan for the success they hope to have. Big mistake! Failure to plan is… you know the rest of this cliche, right? Business owners who take the time to plan for the results they want usually get them.

“Reality Show: The Real World” Actually Makes Sense

It’s all about perception. When you look at something, analyze it to determine the root of that thing, work on understanding how it functions, and be able to redesign a better product or thing to make thing easier for others, this is being creative and ingenious. Some of us will face lots of difficult challenges in life, maybe be able to overcome them and move forward to better things. Others are only face with goodness, living a very easy and productive life, experience wealth, fortune and glory, and not even think of anything bad happening to them. It is obvious that their perception of reality is different from the ones who are poor, sick, dealing with very tough challenges and so on and so forth. More positive things happen in your life, more you will think positive and more will come. The opposite is also true. Negative thoughts will bring negative outcome, hence, will continue facing negative challenges in your life. This is the life cycle, need to learn to break out of it.

Breadwinner Wives: 7 Ways to Get Unstuck From a Lucrative But Unfulfilling Career

By providing a majority of the income, women breadwinners experience a position of economic power but it is this same power that oftentimes causes breadwinner wives to feel trapped in financially lucrative but unfulfilling jobs. Read this article and learn how to get out of the rut that comes with being locked into an unfulfilling career because of the money it provides.

Let Go Of Judgement And The Need To Understand

Judging ourselves and the need to understand everything only creates inner conflict. What if we began to not question everything and turned it around and embraced our own suffering and this included everything we have resisted. What I mean by that is anger, sadness, fear, rage. If we want to change the change must begin within us. There is a beautiful quote written by Ghandi “Be The Change You Wish To See In The World.”

Making New Year’s Resolutions Succeed

Year after year, we make New Year’s resolutions that over time wither and fade into failed attempts to transform some aspect of our lives. The goals may range from health, exercise, relationships and finances all the way to spiritual and personal growth.

Every Day Breakthroughs

When we think about having a breakthrough, we usually think about it as being a major event. Somehow we expect it to be a major ‘eureka’ moment with much fanfare and applause.

Run Your Day, Run Your Life

Our days are a series of mini-lifetimes. Make those mini-lives good and that adds up to a good life. Here’s some practical advice on how to take more control of your mini-lifetimes. It’s all we have!

When The Universe Has Its Say

Sometimes the Universe knows exactly what you need to hear and when/how you need to hear it. In this piece, I explain my particular recent experience with the Universe knocking on my door and how it profoundly effected my life.

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