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Do Dreams Give Us the Power to See or to Create Our Future

According to Edgar Cayce, a twentieth century American prophet, the events we experience as our reality now, while awake, are what he called a “past condition.” Today, we understand these past conditions to be our past thoughts; our past attitudes and concerns which are fueled by our beliefs, focus and emotions. Cayce’s spirit guides informed him that this dimension -the physical plane we experience in our everyday waking life- is simply a projection, or a reflection of what is being built, or created, at a higher level (on the mental or thought plane). When we “tune in” to these higher levels, or dimensions, as we do in the dream state, we become aware of what’s in the process of being built; what our current thoughts are attracting or in the process of creating that may manifest or be projected into our reality (into our personal universe) in the future.

How to Be More Popular Than the President of France

Popularity is fleeting in the world beyond your closest friends and family. One day you’ve just been elected president and you’re on top of the world, then before you know it you’re the most unpopular president in history. What’s important to bear in mind is that craving popularity is a need for approval in your community but having it comes and goes, and you should never base your happiness on it.

Why to Say No to James Bond

When it comes to being assertive with close friends and family I find it helps to say yes when you are sincere and to say no when you can’t make it or don’t feel like it. Even then it’s good to be flexible and to see if you can help out in a different way or at another time. That way you don’t neglect the people that mean the most to you and you still attend to your own needs.

How to Be As Confident As Tom Cruise

Confidence needs fuel, and you provide that fuel by taking good care of your physical, mental and emotional needs. As you get stronger, you’ll feel capable of achieving more i.e. you are more confident. Then, you naturally start to stretch beyond your comfort zone, you are on a roll and before you know it maybe you start to feel like you’re Tom Cruise!

Why You’ll Never Have Perfect People Skills

Chasing perfect people skills is a sure fire recipe for failure, unhappiness and disappointment. You’ll enjoy yourself much more if you treat life as a numbers game and aim to gradually improve over time without postponing happiness until you hit 100%.

Be Here Now: Cliche or True Wisdom?

As we go through our daily routine, how much time do we spend “being” elsewhere in our minds? This focus on something other than the “now” or what is in front of us and spending time worrying about the past or future is not beneficial to our well being.

The Curse of the People Pleaser

Only when you appreciate your true worth will you stop being a people pleaser, when that happens you’ll naturally gravitate to people who’ll appreciate you for who you are. However make conscious decisions about who you spend time with and what you will and will not do to build and maintain a friendship.

Judgment Can Be a Robber

We all make daily judgments that allow us to function successfully in life. Some judgments, however, are incorrect evaluations of the actions of others. Be sure before you judge that you know the entire situation, including the motivations and feelings of the other person.

How To Say No Without Losing Friends

Don’t use exhaustion and ill health as your only guilt free way to assert yourself and say no. Be creative and start finding your own ways to gently say no so that when you do say yes you really mean it.

Book It

Books are wonderful. Carlyle, in writing to a friend said, “Blessings on Cadmus, the Phoenicians, or whoever it was who invented books.” Specialists tell us that there is some psychological force that causes us to select the kind of car we drive, the kind of pet we treasure, the clothes we wear and the house we love.

Growing Up – An Ageless Process

Grow up! We hear the words from middle childhood all the way into our senior years; first from parents and then from someone in our lives who imagines our behavior is childish. And sometimes it is. Why do adults adopt a position that is grounded in childish behavior? This typically happens when they really know the right response or action but choose to pretend they don’t know what to do about a situation in their lives.

Ya Gotta Laugh (Why Humour and Laughter?)

I have been writing and speaking on the role of humour and laughter in human health, and relationships for over 18 years now and I am convinced that, as valuable as they are, they are severely under used. We continue to consider humour and laughter as pleasant little add-ons throughout our day rather than indispensable tools in our health and relationship survival kit.

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