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3.5: Protect Your Mind From Self-Criticism

Self-talk, whether positive or negative, is your inner voice that says things you seldom speak out loud. How you talk to yourself determines the kind of person you are becoming. The good news and the bad news about self-talk is that what you say is what you get.

Self Empathy – The Healing Power of Witnessing

In many healing modalities witnessing what is happening on the inner level is the healing. The changes happen on the inner planes, we see the changes in our minds eye, or feel or hear them, which helps create the transformation. It’s more than just perceiving something has changed and so therefore we have a new belief about ourselves because of what’s changed.

Overcoming Inertia

This article takes a look at a person’s goals and resolutions. It then analyzes why most people fail to fulfill them.

Why Self-Help Courses Will Not Be Enough For Your Personal Growth

There are a number of reasons why self-help (self-improvement, self-development, self-actualization etc) courses will not be enough for your overall personal growth. To understand this you have to see yourself and how you fit into the ‘big picture… ‘

When Everything Is Falling Apart Life Is Getting Great

“Now what, what is going to go wrong next?” Who hasn’t been caught in that frame of mind? When it seems like everything you have carefully crafted into place in your life is falling apart like dominoes on a roll downhill; wait for it. Wait for the good that is just behind the collapse of all the things that never were a part of your life plan, or no longer will be needed for the new plan that is approaching. Even though they may have looked like a dream when you put them into place, life has something better to deliver. You just have to move out of the way and stop putting things back, or trying to repair the damage.

3.4 Protect Your Mind From Shallowness

Some years ago I had the privilege of being a judge at a regional Miss America pageant. You probably know that Miss America pageants are not just about beauty but also intellect. Besides the various beauty related events, the contestants were brought before the Judges one at a time to answer any question we asked.

What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?

This article discusses issues that affect women in regards to living a full and balanced life. More and more women today are making life choices based on necessity instead of what they really want out of life. These choices can lead to unbalance, depression, and burnout. This article provides simple solutions to get your passion back and bring you back to that childlike stage of “what do I want to be when I grow up”.

Goals: Helping Others Helps Ourselves

If it were recognized that each person could indubitably amass greater wealth by focusing more on working together, rather than focusing so much on competing with one another – we’d be more productive as communities and as a society. Find out what you can do to help someone reach their goals and in turn you are bringing yourself closer to reaching your own.

The Role of Isolation in an Abuse Victim’s Life

This article discusses the importance of isolation in an abuse victim’s life. It also lists the many purposes it serves.

Read “Even in Theory, Practice Will Help You Learn Faster”

The theory – Theory and practice are both essential to optimise any learning process. Although I believe one is more effective than the other, and with good reason. Reading is great.

Some Enemies to Defy If You Want to Become a Man of Knowledge

Most of us pursue knowledge to a greater or lesser extent. We learn new things, some of us master them and then we pass them along to varying degrees of accuracy. Those of us who take learning seriously, are working on becoming ‘A man/woman of knowledge’, as Carlos Castaneda says in his book, ‘The Teachings of Don Juan’.

How To Release Fear Based Thinking and Feeling (In 5 Easy Steps)

Fear Based thinking can consume our energy and hold us back from achieving our goals. Here are 5 simple, yet powerful ways to instantly release doubts and fears.

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