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3 Surprising Benefits Of Learning A Foreign Language

Learning a second language is a great way to get your brain working and learn a useful skill. Yet many students today are sticking to English and forgoing foreign language studies. Why are they choosing to limit themselves to one language?

Reflections on 2020

I’m sure that many of us started this year toasting the new decade, excited and full of enthusiasm. This was going to be ‘our time’, full of promise and potential. Well, that certainly didn’t work out as anticipated! Since then we’ve had no choice but to deal with what’s been thrown our way. What are your reflections of 2020?

Do You Believe In You? 7 Actions to Ensure Your Ultimate Growth!

An understanding of how changing your belief systems in relation to yourself will allow you an opportunity to overcome the unseen obstacles that are inhibiting your ultimate success! Beliving in your ultimate success is a game-changer when it comes to how you are able to bring abundance into your life.

The Beauty of Your Scars

As we go through life, we have experiences which may be painful. Often the experiences leave scars, some of which are unseen but never forgotten. This article gives you a unique and uplifting perspective about your scars… whether they exist inside or out.

How To Use Nature To Inspire You To Live More Positively

Did you know that you can be inspired by nature to make your live more positive? Which lessons have you learned from nature about how to live more positively? Do you appreciate the simplicity of the birds that fly around and seem to always have their food provided for them by nature? You can begin with the lesson of simplicity.

Finding Success – There Is No Perfect Answer

There is no Secret Sauce that will make your life perfect. In a cookie-cutter world, it is our nature to try and find the formula that will get us what we want instantly. There is no perfect formula, but there is a perfect plan. If you understand this, you will succeed.

It’s A Mind Thing

This is a lifetime process and you will have moments when it feels as you took steps backwards but don’t give up on the process of taking control of how you think. You are the sum total of your thoughts.

13 Golden Pearls of Wisdom to Help You Live Better Lives

The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life, by Dr. Allen Lycka and Harriet Tinka, presents toe readers 13 Golden Pearls of wisdom that will help to empower whoever reads this excellent book, give them positive attitudes, and improve their self-esteem! Check it out now!

Have You Ever Felt Judged?

I’m sure there have been times when you’ve been walking towards someone and felt their eyes quickly scan you up and down. It’s disconcerting, isn’t it! Are they checking you out; what’s going on? And if you’d anticipated a pleasant relaxed environment, perhaps meeting a friend, it makes for an even more disappointing scenario. What’s going on! Why are they doing this!

Redefining Perfection As Excellence

Perfectionism can paralyze you and stop your dreams in their tracks. If you suffer from perfectionism, then you know this all too well. Being a perfectionist can keep you from fulfilling your true potential and living your life freely. It’s time to redefine perfection and free yourself to be your best true you!

How to Use Resilience to Create a Better World

Radical resilience offers us that hidden ability during crisis to get back up, dust ourselves off and generate a new vision for our lives at every level. Resiliency is a valuable and necessary skill that can be learned by facing difficult times with faith and courage. It does not matter how many setbacks we face, or how many failures we experience, what matters is how we respond to these challenges. With resilience, we can hold onto a vision for a more inclusive world and do the work to rebuild our shattered world in better ways than before.

3 ½ Ways to Confidently Handle Adversity

Adversity Makes You Stronger. The obstacles you face will determine your future, will reveal your character, and define you. 2020 has demanded more out of most of us than we thought possible. Regardless of your unique circumstances; everyone was required to sharpen their creativity, flexibility, and patience skills.

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