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Beat to the Law of Rhythm

What goes up must come down. A lot like the law of polarity, the law of Rhythm helps you appreciate the good times when you are having bad times. It is like the waves of the sea-some waves go up high and others very low, and some waves move from side to side.

The Power Of Our Imagination

So logic works its’ magic when something has been created and needs details filled in, in order to make it have patterns that can predict its outcome. The mental dimension sends over two billion bits of information per second, but the brain can only interpret about two million of them in any particular minute.

Investing in Yourself – Investing In Your Future

When most people talk about investing in your future, they are typically referring to financial investments. This could either be in stocks, precious metals, or even real estate. One area that many times gets overlooked is taking the time for investing in yourself.

Form Your Virtual Board of Directors

What’s a virtual board of directors and why should you have one? It’s an imaginary group of people you admire and who inspire you to be unstoppable in having the life you want.

Stop Being a Hypochondriac

It’s recommended to be very much aware of your body. Otherwise, you will never be able to catch diseases until they are already too serious to treat. However, there are some people who tend to do this more often than the others.

Traffic Jams – Killing Yourself Or Being Productive

Have you ever found yourself in a traffic jam? What kind of thoughts start going through your head normally during the traffic jam? Are you always in a hurry somewhere every time you seem to get stuck in traffic? Have you honk your horn, shook her fist, and started yelling because of frustration during a traffic jam?

5 Tips to Curb Fear of Flying

Are you scared to fly? Then you are not alone. There are thousands of you all over the world.

The Importance of Integrity

It can be all too easy to be swept along with the idea of winning by any means. But many people are starting to appreciate the importance of integrity, the value of having a clear conscience, of working fairly and honestly to achieve their goals and finding satisfaction in the outcome, whether they win or not.

Revenge Is Not Sweet

Have you ever been really hurt so bad and it makes you feel it’s difficult to forgive and forget a person? you started to hate the person and thinking to set up a revenge. We as human hate to feel rejected and humiliated.

Do You Know How to Win in Life?

Having a winning attitude is key in life. There is too much cynicism that goes on throughout the world today. There is not enough optimism to go around. The problem is that both are contagious, just like a cold or a virus. Depending on who you hang around, you will catch the virus and you will not have any choice in the matter. Which do you want for your life?

How to Handle Negative Feedback

There are two kinds of feedback: good and bad. Of course, you want to have the good, but that isn’t always the case all the time. Sometimes you also hear negative feedback, which is scary since a lot don’t know how to manage it quite well.

8 Steps to Personal Growth and Success

If you are looking to continue in your personal growth and success, you must start to commit the time to your passions and success. All successful leaders will tell you that they have a daily routine that represents their goals.

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