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Shine the Light on Your Secret Desires

When I ask women what they secretly desire, most often they become very quiet. Sometimes, they say something like, “WOW! I really don’t know – I haven’t really ever thought about it.”

The Need To Know

Does worrying about an outcome serve us in any way? Yet many of us spend time creating outcomes that may never come to pass, missing the moment, and raising stress levels. What if we relinquished the need to know and remained in the present moment?

What Happens When You Use Speed Learning?

Were you ever in the position when everyone seems to be so slow because they’re not motivated, they’re not enjoying what they’re doing? That everyone else just doesn’t have that energy to work?

The Single Best Advice on Personal Growth and Success I Know

There are many advices given by people on personal growth and success. Many of them are complicated and seem convoluted. This is the best single advice I received on personal growth and success.

Be Confident When You Speak With People Because Of This Simple Technique

Speaking to a crowd can be nerve wracking. For some, it is something so scary and unbearable that they rather face death! Individuals who are not used to talking in front of a number of people especially find this activity simply dreadful.

Learn Quick and Easy With Super Learning Techniques

Everybody wants to learn quick and easy. It’s simple! Follow super learning techniques on this article.

How to Make Decisions That Are the Right Ones for You

Decision-making can be worrying. The worrying is worse when you try to make decisions centered on what the people around you want you to do. The best kinds of decisions are the ones that you make that guide you to the contentment and success you are worthy of!

A Simple Way To Change How You Feel In An Instant

Many processes like Neuro Linguistic Programming have shown us that we can change the way we feel on a dime if we choose to. In simple terms this means that we don’t have to allow ourselves or let other people determine how we behave or how we feel from one moment to the next.

Learn To Fly!

Knowing how much I like nature, a work colleague recently gave me a bird’s nest that had fallen out of a tree in her garden. I am always left with a sense of wonder at how cleverly birds’ nests are constructed and while thinking of how safe and warm the baby birds must have felt in the their safe haven, Mother Nature gave me a word of wisdom…

Can Journaling Make You Healthier?

Journaling can take on many different forms and the process can help you in your life in unspeakable ways. For some people, journaling is a way to keep themselves organised so that they can accomplish more through the day and make sure that all of their goals are realised. Other people use journaling so that they can get their thoughts and feelings down on paper, either so that they can remember them when necessary or just so that they don’t need to carry the burden around with them every minute of every day.

How to Overcome a Journaling Sticky Point

Many of us are familiar with the term writer’s block but until we experience it for ourselves, it is difficult to really imagine how difficult it can be overcome. Although the vast majority of us are never going to be professional writers, there are many times when we may enjoy journaling and this can also provide us with a sticking point from time to time. If you have hit an area in your journaling journey that you feel is difficult to overcome, here are some suggestions that can bring your writing back to life.

How To Deal With Low Self-Esteem – Ways To Regain Your Self-Worth

Before we begin, we thought it would be a good idea to ensure that we’re all are on the same page with what self-esteem actually means. That way we could also help to eliminate some of the confusion that exists about what it is.

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