Manifesting Success in Your Life ~ 10 Minute Guided Meditation

Alignment and Resonance: Get on the Path to Your Purpose

The day that I reached the 300k mark in my business I didn’t feel happy. I had been frequently attending fancy events staying in fancy hotels – you know the kind with really large water features, perfect gardens, and extremely polite staff – the kind who say “can I do anything else for you miss” right after they have done anything for you. I had a book published.

Status Quo: An Enemy of Change

In your life, do you do the same old boring routine day after day… wake up in the morning, get dressed, read the paper, go to work, do tasks, go home, eat, watch TV, stay awake a few hours more and go to bed? Then you get up the next day and do it all over again. You are standing still, my friend. It is time to move on. You don’t need to wait for a ton of bricks to hit you. You need to quit the status quo now.

What Are Your Goals In Life?

What comes to mind when you think of your purpose in life? Is it to raise a happy family, to help others in some way, or to meet your mental, emotional, and physical needs?

Retreat Yourself – Why You Should Go on a Trip Alone

An article about taking a trip alone to allow yourself to relax. It includes my own personal experience and some of the benefits gained from the journey.

Why Failures Are Actually Winners

My mentor Johnny C inspired me to write this article. His recent article got me thinking about failure. More specifically about all of the failures I’ve encountered lately. Don’t get me wrong failing is NOT a bad thing.

The Aikido of Moving Through Fear Into Purposeful Wholeness

Have you noticed that fear seems to be an integral part of the human experience? Once you overcome the fears in front of you, new ones emerge as you open to bigger opportunities. This is especially true if you feel called to a mission or audacious goal that is stretching you to the limit – it’s likely that doubts and fears are crowding your path.

Understanding Your Dreams: What Is It That Your Subconscious Wants You to Know?

Tapping into the subconscious messages provided by our dreams can lead to honest insights. Giving attention to the study of our dreams will yield new self-understanding that leads to personal growth.

7 Steps to Transform Your Future

Change takes place one step at a time. As we change, we become a bigger blessing to others. Learn how to make the changes you desire and transform your life into a brilliant future.

4.5: Proceed Forward – Opens Doors

Another significant reason that proceeding forward gives you the 5000+ Advantage is that motion attracts help, and as you go through life, there will be times when help is what you need. Several years ago the Air Force Academy football program was highly rated with a great won/lost record and a dynamic coach. I proposed to them the creation of the Air Force Academy Football Annual.

4 Ways To FIND Your True Self

Few of us can honestly say that we thoroughly know who we are, or want to be! Are you focused on your dreams, goals, objectives and priorities, in an open – minded way, or do you permit others to define who they believe you are? It is often somewhat challenging to proceed objectively, as well as introspectively, to discover what we want and hope for, yet it remains a necessity for essential personal growth and maximum effectiveness.

7 Ways To Create Your Finest DESTINY

Whether each of us is actually what we think about, as some adages state, or we let fate control us, or rather our mindset is that it is always up to us (when all is said and done), is largely dependent upon what we truly believe, perceive and conceive, and what our goals, missions, and personal priorities are all about. However, I believe that if we look objectively within (with objective introspection), we realize that blaming others or making and depending upon excuses, never serves our long – term interests, especially if our real objective is to become the best…

What Keeps You Stuck in “Me” Versus “We”

The shift from individual to collective consciousness has become a popular theme in the culture lately. We know that to solve the world’s most pressing problems, the power of our combined wisdom is needed. Yet, a number of beliefs keep us from making that shift easily.

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