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Tips To Acing The Job Interview: 7 Steps to Improve Your Communication Skills

Seeking a career change can be over whelming as you enter into a job market with many potential hopefuls. A career coach can be your best option in helping you prepare for this new task. A career coach can teach you everything you need to know to ace the job interview(s). The career coach can give you pointers on enhancing your public speaking and presentation skills.

Trust In The Workplace: How To Develop It

Being trusted is a greater compliment that being loved. Yet our focus is always on the like-o-meter. Does your work foster an environment of trust for all people? Here is a straight forward explanation of how to start the process of developing a low-trust relationship into a high-trust relationship.

Why Do We Seek Approval?

As I became more and more aware of how often and how harshly I judged myself, I finally made the connection: disapproving of myself led to needing others’ approval. If you are addicted to seeking others’ approval, this article is for you!

Change: For Many People, Why’s It So Difficult?

When you look in the mirror, who’s looking back at you? Someone who’s strong, proud, and confident, ready to wrestle with the world whatever changes come your way? Or is it someone who’s shaking inside? Someone who’s trembling at the thought that life is going to heave another brick at you by rearranging or shattering the life you have, forcing you to reshape the way you live?

Power of Trust: 5 Personal Secrets for Building Trust in Relationships

Initially it seemed that identifying a need that connects to my passion was enough. Yet, I am drawn, once again, to grubbing, that is to clear by digging up the roots of my desire to mitigate frustration between business owners and Gen Y employees.

The Healing Power of a Genuine Compliment

Remember when people actually slowed down long enough to greet one another on their grocery-store trips or neighborhood walks. We used to say things like, “Good morning” or “How are you?” and “You’re looking radiant today”. We freely greeted and complimented on another and we connected more.

Are You Sure You’ve Not Been Corrupted?

Why is the term ‘corruption’ associated only with politics of a country? Isn’t corruption really a state of one’s Mind? It’s a state where the Mind gets corrupt and loses its ability to think objectively and rationally.

Goals Are Best Achieved Indirectly

Every day I try to ensure that I spend at least an hour of my time in activities that exercise my mind, my body and my soul. They may just be small actions, a walk through the woods close to our home, some time spent in meditation and twenty minutes completing a puzzle for example. Whatever activities I may choose to do, it is important to me that I spend that time on my own every day nurturing the three parts of me that make me who I am.

Next Step From High School to Life

Some positive words to help you make that next step from graduating High School. Here to provide some personal thoughts and experiences and to make this a little easier.

Turning 60: The Prelude to the Golden Years

You don’t feel as thin as Jennifer Aniston now. And you feel like your hair’s gone all papery. Your joints are a tad stiff. And when you look in the mirror, it’s the same person that stared back at you thirty odd years ago, but now you have grey hairs peeking through. Oh, and you’ve spotted another wrinkle. Or maybe that’s better translated as a “laugh line.”

Helpful Tips For Creating Positive Energy

In the hassle that is our present world, the busy and demanding nature of our lives and the numerous responsibilities entrusted to people continue to drain them to the bone when deadlines and accomplishments are not met. Creating positive energy is necessary to avoid a total physical and emotional breakdown. To continue enjoying good motivation, moods and relationships in everyday life, a catalogue of ways of initiating, improving and maintaining positive energy is an absolute necessity.

Ten Steps Which May Change Your Work and Your Life!

1. No time – I hear from people many times that they don’t have time to think about what they should do with regards to their work. My response is usually, they cannot afford to not take the time.

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