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Simple Life Lessons

For some reason and we all do it, when a problem occurs that can easily be shared, we take the decision to keep it to ourselves. Sometimes this action is almost martyr-like as we protect others from our situation. Then as is the way we are told eventually by those same people how they wished we had given them the opportunity to help. This isn’t a call to bombard other people with our issues but we should know that we are not alone and everyone has problems. It’s okay to reach out if you have real friends there to grab your arms.

Change Your Business in 30 Days – I Dare You!

Our conditioning, and the way we think, is so powerful. Most often, we won’t even allow our minds to ‘go there’ – thinking that we can have ‘both’, or ‘all of it’. Well, why not? The key is to change the way we think about things and then make it happen!

How Do I Stop Being A Victim?

When you feel like a victim and that everything is going wrong in your life it can be a very overwhelming feeling and can even sometimes get you into a rut in your life where you just want help out. The best thing I can tell you is that you are, first, not a victim.

3 Questions That Can Help You In Your Journey To Success

Do you want to be successful? If you do, continue to read this article because you are going to discover the 3 questions that can shape your life. What you need to do is to read this article to the end and try to find out the answers for the questions.

Do You See a Life Lesson?

You may see something reoccurring regularly in your life. When this happens there is probably a life lesson to be learned from it. It may be a big message or a small one, it may seem small but it could make a big difference.

Reading Books Changed Me and My Life

About hobbies in our life, there may be many and it is different for different people. My hobby is reading books. I like reading I think the reason might be that a red too little before I entering college.

The Importance Of Character Building And Developing The Real You

An important factor in your environment is the human element. Your place in your community is what you make it. You have a responsibility to make it good, both for your sake and, for others in the community.

Relationships Are Perfect in the New Consciousness

In order to have a great relationship with another, we need to first perfect our relationship with ourselves. It is possible to bring forth a perfected relationship with our spouses, partners, children, parents, and everyone we come in contact with through a transformation of self.

A New Consciousness Lives Outside the Illusionary World

Have you discovered that you are living in illusion? Probably not. The you that is living now is not actually living. You are only existing because thought is always there thinking you.

Spit Me Out

Are we destined to live nothing more than a normal life? Is it a wonder how the mind works its ways around the strangeness of life while dictating the root of life in which we need to take? My mind has come to a standstill as my heart screams out to take the step I need to take. Fear is an illusion that the mind finds itself hanging on to for reasoning. Images of all the wrongs that may take place if I make my move filter into my core with a strong force; stronger than the agony of my screaming heart “get out”.

New Year Daily Resolutions for Every Woman

Eleven years ago there were not many who thought we could make it to 2011, but look at us now. Our computers did not crash on Y2K and no we did not have major earthly disasters like we thought we were. Within the last decade many things such as technology, culture, and sex roles have changed.

Be the Change You Seek

Gandhi stated, “You must be the change you seek in the world.” While this may just sound like a cute phrase to inspire people, there are some significant spiritual, metaphysical & esoteric reasons why this statement is really profound.

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