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Words That Wound and Heal

On Wednesday, January 13, 2011, President Obama addressed a memorial service for those killed and injured during a mass shooting in Arizona. The President urged Americans to “make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds.” This statement is a wake-up call to think deeper about the manner in which we communicate with one another. You may be surprised to learn who the first injured person is from “wounding words.” What is your strategy when you are on the receiving end of unkind, harsh and unpleasant words? Practical neuroscience provides strategies on how to communicate with “healing words” and what to do when in a “wounding word” environment. Imagine what daily life would be like if you and the people with whom you associate communicated in kinder and more respectful ways.

Hello Desire, Bye-Bye Procrastination!

Having a laser focus on what one is trying to accomplish is the major force behind what propels some people to take action toward their heart’s desires. It is exhilarating to achieve, to finally arrive at a longed for goal. Let’s be honest, nothing great ever comes from procrastination.

A Surprise Gift

Scruffy my little furry bushy tailed friend came to me on a one cold dripping morning. I wasn’t looking to add to my pet collection. But who could say no to such a bundle of personality.

When Humor Hits the Road

Sometimes we take our sense of humor for granted; to the point where the only way we can appreciate it is if it up and leaves. A short lesson on keeping her around.

How to Use Humor to Change Your Life

The paradigm is simple. You must believe in your thoughts and essentially in the power of your mind. You want to change, right! Today, I’m referring to another way to use positive affirmations. I’ve written before about positive affirmations being an effective tool to change yourself. Since I believe that it is one of the simplest yet most effective tools to change it can’t be overstated. What I am now suggesting is using humor.

Happiness Is Knowing That Dead People Don’t Bleed

Happy people are rarely judgmental or critical of others. They have learned that every thing is relative, that there are no absolute truths. They know that truth can always be found on both sides of any issue.

Exploring Life – Selling Yourself Out In Trying To Help Or Take Care Of Others

We live in a world where the idea of helping or taking care of others is considered a wonderful thing. However, what happens when people feel they have no choice in doing so? What happens when the person doing the helping are only doing so because they are trying to hide from their own life? What about those who claim to offer help, but are really only trying to take advantage of others?

An Honest Review of Chuck Goetschel’s Latest Project, The Personal Passion Formula

Why is it we believe you can’t make money doing what you love? Chuck Goetschel teamed up with some of the biggest names in the business to tell you you can “Live with passion and love your life! Market it to the world and profit from it!” Read more to find out about how his program will benefit you!

Exploring Life – The Hell You Know Is Better Than The Paradise You Don’t

As has been proven over and over again in psychology, we don’t do things when we are afraid of losing what we already have. It is for this reason that many ads, articles, etc., are written with a focus on what you’ll lose if you DON’T do something. It is also for this reason that most things focus on fear above everything else. The problems start to mount when we become afraid to change a bad situation because of fear of what we “might” lose if we change it.

Understanding Biological Imperatives And How They Impact Your Life

Wikipedia defines a Biological Imperative as being, “the needs of living organisms required to perpetuate their existence: to survive.” While this definition is indeed accurate, it doesn’t take into account such things as “Personal Choice”. To help explain what we mean by this, we will examine two major Biological Imperatives and how we use them in modern life – Food and Reproduction.

10 Ways To Be YOUR Best While Supporting Another Woman!

Supporting another woman? Are you kidding? I can’t support someone who could take my job, steal my thunder, or finish my story behind my back? This is the message we hear especially in the work place. We live in a time where women are desperate for each other’s wisdom and guidance. And yet, there’s hesitation. Unfortunately, stats show bullying among women is on the rise. We have a responsibility toward other women to support them in living their finest. It doesn’t matter if we are mothers, coworkers, leaders or friends. What matters is that we help other women live as close to their unique potential as possible.

Overcoming Stress Through Journaling

Journaling has long been known to be a very healthy endeavour but did you realise that it can not only help you to overcome emotional stress, it can also keep you from feeling physically stressed as well? If you would like to overcome some of the sticky points in your life, here’s how to incorporate journaling so that you will be taking a step in that direction.

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