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Jump In

We should be continually trying to get better, to have better, and to do better. Most of us are not. Jump in! If it’s worth it and we should be doing it, we should jump in all the way and get busy on it.

3 Signs Of A Miserable Job – And How You Can Change It

Many people whinge and moan about how miserable their job is but do nothing about it. Following Patrick Lencioni’s ideas, this article looks at what makes a job miserable. Having identified three things that can make your work miserable, the article then looks at some actions to counter them and improve your job.

It’s All About Our Choices

Although we often hear people blame circumstances beyond their control for determining their fate and destiny, in the overwhelming number of circumstances, our situations and successes in life are determined by the choices we make. These choices include judgments made, biases we possess, actions we either take or fail to take, others we ally with, and how we decide to live our lives.

Soul Plan Readings – Gain Much Needed Clarity and Heal Yourself

Did you know that your life has a deep purpose? Read on to find out how a Soul Plan Reading can tell you the very truth of your life.

Personality Enhancement 102: The Strength Within

Personality is one of the most important components that we should have as humans. This is why it is very significant for us to develop our own strengths when it comes to dealing with other people and situations in the process. This article will help you find out how you can develop your own strengths as a person both physically and emotionally as well.

Relationships – Part 7b

One of the most important relationships to use boundaries is with our children.ย They starve for boundaries.

Do You Treat Others Better Than You Do Yourself?

As we start a new year, I have a couple of questions for you. What lessons did you learn during the past year that you are going to bring with you into 2013? What experiences did you have that helped you to find out something new about yourself?

How Do You State Your “Compelling Reasons”?

How we state our compelling reasons is different for each person. We live in a fast paced world. This article may shed some light on the subject.

Finding Peace in the Eye of the Storm

Everyone has storms in their lives. Mine came early. Born into an alcoholic, abusive home, I experienced the horrors of alcoholism, abuse, and addictive issues at an early age. In an effort to cope, I turned to an addiction to sugar, which produced more depression and anxiety. Over time psychosis also reared its ugly head. My purpose in this post is not to further expound upon my tragedy. It is to provide coping mechanisms that can be used in any life challenge.

Are You Passing By the Opportunities That Come Your Way?

Never let opportunities pass you by. You don’t know what you will be giving up.

Allowing and Integrating the Light of 2013

Do you get the sense that the things you would like to move forward with seem to be dragging, while the things you don’t necessarily want to deal with take a lot of your time and are slowing you down? Last year around this time, it was clear that something had shifted right from the start and we experienced a general sense of upliftment and awakening. Then the collapse of time became more and more evident as the year went by, and it seemed that 2012 came and went in a flash. The beginning of this year, however, feels a bit dense and heavy and really s-l-o-w. What is going on?

Calendar Versus To-Do List

For as long as I can remember, one of the standard pieces of advice that is given when you need to prioritize your tasks is to make a To-Do list. Many, especially if they’re setting themselves up in the business world, and others even in their everyday life, make a To-Do list each and every day. For many this is a successful practice.

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