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What Is New With You?

By staying alert to career alternatives, you can nimbly move from one occupation to another in ways that are personally and professionally satisfying and profitable. This article provides guidance for how to do so.

I Worked So Hard I Forgot My Dreams

We need to work hard at things in the present, but we need to have dreams too. Dreams are a lot of what make us human and not just another animal.

Three Commonly Held Beliefs In Our Society

A common held belief in our society is that power comes from money. Authority comes from status and ability comes with knowledge are two more commonly held beliefs.

Basics Of Personal Growth

How often have we all heard someone state how they are aiming to, or have grown as a human being, yet what precisely does that mean, and how to we enhance this personal positive asset? Growing as a person demands far more than saying the right thing, or merely having a positive mental attitude, although both of these may often contribute to the desired growth. To achieve this characteristic, we first commit to absolute objectivity when it comes to understanding both our real strengths as well as our personal weaknesses.

Start Reading Good Books To Get Your Mind In The Right Direction

Reading good books may be one of the most effective ways to get your mind in the right direction that I know of. This is a tried and proven activity that has led many of our great leaders of society to accomplish great things. So why are you not reading more?

Part 2: 5.5 More Ways to Tear Down Your Artificial Fences Around Your Business

Here are 5.5 more ways to tear down your artificial fences. Now You have 12 tools to use to help you grow your self confidence, raise your self image, and tear down your artificial fences.

Are You Dreaming Big Enough?

If your dream doesn’t scare you, then you aren’t dreaming big enough… A few days ago I decided I should probably spend some time on a “mid-year” review of my goals. Things are looking pretty good, but I couldn’t help feeling like something was missing. It seemed like I should feel more upbeat about the whole thing since I was pretty much on track… shouldn’t I?

How to Turn Conflict Into Opportunities

“He who has learned to disagree without being disagreeable has discovered the most valuable secret of a diplomat.” ~Robert Estabrook. I can’t help but wonder sometimes how much richer and less stressful life might be if we were taught at an early age the skills to understand and manage conflict and disagreements. If you think about it, most of us develop our conflict resolution style by default, through the influence of our families and, for better or worse, by toughing it out in school.

Life Lessons That I Have Learned So Far

It has been another birthday and as happens each year I get this urge to share some wisdom. That of course causes me much pressure to share something really worthwhile like the definitive Top 9 Lessons or such like. So to avoid a huge attack of procrastination I am settling for “lessons I can remember and in no particular order.

How Do I Get Peace of Mind in Relationships?

As women, we love relationships! But how often do you find yourself asking “How do I get peace of mind relationships?” I mean, they can cause our greatest joys and our greatest heartbreaks!

Journey of 1000 Miles and Back

My journey these last few years has been an interesting one of self-discovery. I’ve invented and re-invented my ideas, my goals, my vision, my purpose, my mission, re-evaluated by values – and more than once.

How To Shape Your Happiness

Essentially, the intelligence of the body-mind will not adopt and adapt something new unless it is functional to itself. Read on to see the relationship of function and structure.

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