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Wherever You Are Is the Entry Point

“Wherever you are is the entry point.” (Kabir) As you read my articles, please don’t evaluate or judge yourself for where you are in comparison with whatever concept I’m talking about in that particular article. While it is important to notice where you are, it’s even more important to not judge yourself. For you are where you are, and it’s not possible to be anywhere else at this moment. So wherever you are is where you begin. Makes sense, right?

Emotions Are Indicator Lights

“You can feel bad if it makes you feel better…” (lyrics from a country song) Sometimes as people learn to live more peacefully, they fall under the mistaken assumption that emotions are bad – that if you’re ‘spiritual’, you don’t have ‘negative’ feelings anymore. But nothing could be further from the truth. First and foremost, we are human beings. We are programmed, designed and built to have emotions. And in fact, emotions are quite useful when used appropriately.

Do You Have Life Support?

We all need support as we go through life….support from friends, family, significant others, neighbors, community members, etc. And there’s no reason you shouldn’t have this vital element in your life. Some have watched family members die or just fade into non-connection, but you can still create your own clan, your own tribe, your own circle of life support. Family doesn’t have to mean blood-related. Family can be comprised of anyone who truly loves and supports you, who nurtures you, who cares for you, checks in on you, and listens to you. Your family consists of those who want what’s best for you, who truly SEE you and love you unconditionally, accept you as you are and yet still encourage you to be whoever you want to be.

Reiki Healing – Part Two – What Should I Expect From a Reiki Healing Treatment?

If this is the first time you have tried Reiki, you are probably wondering what happens? In this, part two of the article, we discuss what you should expect to experience during your Reiki Healing Treatment.

Reiki Healing – Part 1 – What Is It?

What is Reiki Healing? Does it really work? In part one, we learn what Reiki is and how is it different to other Healing Systems?

We Are Bipolar Beings

“An experience can’t be happy, eternally. We are bipolar beings. When there’s happiness, there’s automatically sorrow. If we were purely happy all the time, it would get so damn monotonous we’d wish for some sorrow or problem to overcome, just for the sake of a challenge.” (Richard Rose) And so why is it that we give such bad press to difficult situations and experiences in our lives? If it weren’t for the downs, how would we know when we are up? It is because of sadness that we can truly appreciate joy. And as I’ve mentioned before, it is from the challenges and difficulties that we grow and learn, not from the times of ease. So why do we give hard times such a bad rap?

Office Politics As A Self Development Tool

Strict Boss, colleagues using bad words at the back, non-cooperative subordinates etc. are common activities you will observe in any office. Office politics is a very old phenomenon but if you say that you want to stay away from it, this could be a wrong approach.

When Love And Life Hurt It Just May Be You’ve Outgrown Something

So often I hear people talking about how much love can hurt, how much life hurts. While there are many ways to look at this, I’ve found that for me it’s the growth or lack of it that actually feels painful. Our life, our love can seem much like our clothes. We can try on different ‘outfits’, different titles, different relationships, different jobs.. attempting to fit within the confines of the ‘clothes’ but our spirit has a natural desire to grow and to BE the love and life we were intended to be. We tend to focus on what that ‘looks’ like instead of the way of being that would have us actually having it. We seek out ‘outfits’ that will give us the ‘look’ of what we believe we want to be and then we try to tailor our beings to fit within them.

A Pathway to Personality Development

Each of us has a personality which gives us our uniqueness. It is what makes us shine and brings success in the various aspects of our life such as work, home, social circles and personal spheres.

Ensuring Your Victory: Your Morning Strategy of Success

There are largely two types of people who navigate Vicodin recovery. The first group spends a large percentage of their time swimming through Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS), rising out of bed each morning with the sole intent on making it through the day without relapsing. Then there are the other folks. These are the ones you see on television, radio programs, in churches and running marathons. There is one time of day when the table is set and the meal that will be your day is served: Morning time. You can have your day served on an aluminum T.V. dinner tray month after month while you play out the same inner dynamic ad nauseam. Or you can truly feast on a different lifestyle, a medley of various tastes and textures each and every day. You are the one setting the table.


What is this forgiveness thing it all about? I surmise from the thesaurus that to forgive is emancipating. And in the words of Ethan Allen, “Give me liberty or give me death.” It appears as if not forgiving leaves one stuck and unable to be mobile ~ uptight and tense and maybe nasty ~ or unhappy and unable to fully and completely enjoy life. Absolutely, not forgiving doesn’t sound like much fun. In fact, the more I ponder this, the more dreadful it feels! So let us move on toward healing.

The Power of Writing Things Down

Besides from speaking your world into manifestation, write it down, make your thoughts permanent on paper. There is enormous power in writing down every single thing, every goal, dream and intention about every area in life. It not only helps us to be really clear about our preferences and intentions, but it also creates a surge of energy that helps us attract into our life that which we desire and dreams about.

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