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Five Listening Techniques for Adults With ADHD

As an adult with ADHD, listening to conversation partners is probably one of the most neglected areas and yet where you are almost always at a loss to defend why there is no recall of what was communicated. Listening and hearing are two very different faculties. Listening is about processing what is being communicated, providing queues that you heard and understood what is being communicated and acting on what was said.

The Best Ways to Break a Bad Habit

When you decide that you must break a bad habit, you’ve already set yourself an impossible goal. Let’s take a look at how the way we speak to ourselves is one of the worst bad habits we can develop, and find a way to begin letting go of that particular behavior.

Belief Systems and Behavior Patterns

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. I got a phone call from a woman I didn’t know in another country. It was about a relative that I had not seen or talked to in a long time. I will call her Judy. Judy had booked herself to put on a clinic at the woman’s facility for Saturday and Sunday.

5 Ways to Take Personal Responsibility

I believe that it is possible to create better results for ourselves by making better choices. I’m not saying that bad things won’t ever happen, but we are responsible for the choices we make everyday in our lives.

Journaling Vision Quest

As you make plans for the coming year, it helps to zero-base your self-image. Dedicating a few weeks to a journaling vision quest is a free and easily available way to re-discover who you are and what you want to do with your life.

Making the Journey of Personal Development

When it comes to personal development you must be rigid and prepared. It is no overnight camping trip. It is a lifelong marathon. You must be prepared to fight, to challenge yourself, and to overcome any obstacle which may come in your path. Here is some advice that will help you on the journey.

Me, Myself and I

How much time do you spend with yourself, or on yourself or about yourself? Too much? Not enough? Just the right amount? No – this isn’t Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, but we can learn something from that golden girl. She choose what was best for her.

Belief Change: The 9 Lies People Like to Tell About Beliefs

Belief change can seem to be an impossible task, supported by our families and cultures. There are 9 lies we tell each other and ourselves about beliefs. But the truth is that changing your beliefs is easier than you think.

5 Things I’ve Learned About Change From My Baby Daughter

Growing and changing takes a lot of work and no one knows that better than a baby. Babies learn how to eat, sleep, move, play, walk and talk in the course of about 2 years – and we complain about learning new skills to jump to a new career. Change isn’t easy, but it is intuitive; here are 5 things that my baby daughter showed be about change.

Lessons From Around the World

This is a fairly long article – and it is an important article – because, as human beings, we always play the comparison game. We always believe that the grass is always greener. From my trip around the world, I have learned that we are all more alike than different.

Sport Psychology: The Zen of a Business Like Approach

How do the pros stay so cool under pressure? What are their secrets to approaching intense competition and practice week after week, year after year? No doubt recreational players have much to learn from professional athletes, but many of these take home lessons are more subtle and have to do with how pros psychologically address competition. With a doctorate in sports science and a career of tennis coaching all levels of athletes, the author has some unique credentials to help answer these questions.

It Is Your Moment to Start a New Beginning Today

There is so much that you deserve to achieve in your life. Let today be the day that you decide to live your life to the fullest. Is it your moment? Only you can make that choice.

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