Manifest from Virtual to Physical Reality [NFT]

How To Set Goals Using The Charlie Brown Method

  I used to like watching Charlie Sheen on the show “Two And A Half Men”. I always got a jolt from the comedy of the show…

Scorn – Ever Laugh at an Ugly Face?

Have you ever been made fun of because of your looks, religion or the place you live? We all have been the object of ridicule. So what’s the big gripe?

5 Ways Self Help Is Bad For You

I’ve pretty much read all the best self help books and programs over the last 5 years, and my views on self help have evolved over time. In the past, I had a very one sided view of self help – it was AWESOME. I think that anyone striving to be a better can look no further than some of the best self help books out there, like Think And Grow Rich, amongst others.

Journal Writing Your Wrong Ways

Is it time for a change in your life? Are you tired of being your own worst enemy? There are huge benefits to be gained from reflecting on your childhood through journaling.

What Do They Mean by Inner Peace?

We hear it all the time… ‘Inner Peace” like it is something we are all expected to be able to access in any given moment. Do you know how to access Inner Peace?

Dishonesty and Fantasy Do Not Work With Teenagers

Teenage pregnancy is an epidemic. Teenage drug use is a phenomenon. But the tools we use to combat these problems are inadequate, pathetic and dishonest.

Does Self-Help Really Work?

This article explores some common myths of self-help books. It creates an awareness of the need to critically examine information offered.

How to Choose Your Own Right of Passage

A right of passage should not be someone else’s idea, it should be your own experience. Traditional rights of passage simply reduce us to numbers. Let us choose to be individuals.

The Best Parts of Life Are Not That Incredible

From our earliest childhood we are sold the incredible, and those stories ruin our adulthood because we do not learn to live with the truth. The truth is credible, practical and applicable, and will make your life amazing.

How Sacred Is Your Time?

Are you taking time each day to do things for yourself, things that you enjoy and that restore your emotional energies? Too often, women put themselves at the bottom of their priority lists. The author suggests not doing that and points out that it’s difficult to care for someone else when we are depleted ourselves.

Why You Shouldn’t Let Fear Control Your Life

Fear controls and ruins so many peoples lives. Some of them don’t even know it. It is the most dominant negative human emotion and if let run wild can cause an onset of other emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, anger, confusion, loneliness, and other bad negative emotions.

The Danger of Just One Step in the Right Direction

I call it a “sudden inspiration or understanding” as if a light bulb suddenly turns on and you have light now that you have never had before about a particular thing. It seems so easy now and you wonder how you have gone this long without having this incredible understanding.

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