MANIFEST FASTER: 3 Powerful Techniques that Will Speed Up the Law of Attraction

What Does It Really Mean To Be Strong?

Many people have mistaken being strong for being mean. Saying one or two silly things to people and enjoy seeing their brains reacting to it negatively is not being strong. It’s unfortunate the truth always have to come out, because the lives of people depend on it, and I am sorry I have to be the one to say the truth to people who think they are mean. Being mean is like an alarm, and this is how the alarm rings when triggered, ”hello, I’m so insecure about myself so I have to say stupid things to others in order to feel better.”

How Our Dreams Come True

What does it take to make your dream come true? Last week I was in Holland, and my love for my country came back as soon as I swung myself in the saddle of my bike and rode along the little winding streets in the old part of Amsterdam. It brought back a lot of nostalgic memories.

A Glimpse at How to Love Yourself and Why

You can only love me to the degree that you love yourself, so the world and I have a stake in you loving yourself well. Here are some suggestions for how to cultivate genuine self-love, for the good of us all.

Demon Dreams: What They Mean

The very idea of demons seems to stir up deep-seated, instinctual, perhaps even a primordial human fear; the loss of free will and personal control in our lives. All faiths and beliefs share this common fear in one form or another; The fear that some powerful, evil entity (or force) could literally take over our very lives, our very bodies, and force us to do things that we would never do under normal circumstances.

Personal Success Comes With a F-E-A: Have You Paid?

Personal success may have 101 different meanings, but the reasons behind success remain the same. There are three essential components required to achieve your purpose. Are you using them?

Ways to Push People Out of Their Comfort Zones

When I was younger, I was a social butterfly & I loved going out, attending events & meeting new people. As time has passed & I’ve gotten older, responsibilities have increased & I find, I really love relaxing at home, making a great dinner & enjoying a movie or reading a good book. I’m a home body mostly and I’ve found my comfort zone.

Help Out the Newbie To Build Your Career

All of us have been the new person at work at some point in our career. Remember going through interview after interview while job hunting until you finally found a job you wanted? Maybe you got there the first day and found out that you did such a great job of selling your skills in the interview, that your new employer thinks you can figure out everything on your own. Whether you were that person, or have seen that person at your workplace, showing leadership to help the next new person in the door could be a great strategy for you to build your career.

Planning Your Next Move

There are decisions that need to be made throughout your entire lifetime. Some of the decisions are going to be relatively easy to make while others are going to require some deep thought. After all, there are decisions that are going to shape our lives in many ways and can have long-lasting impacts that must be thought out in advance.

Facts Are Not Truth

If life is treating you unfairly, this is a great tool to make the changes necessary. It could be in your business, career, relationships or life in general. We are creators of our reality.

The Law of the Land (Karma)

How important is this law; From the very existence of mankind this law has been in force to insure peace, harmony, justice and fairness in the world, And in this law people over a thousand years ago have found peace, security, success and happiness. And on the hand the people who paid no attention to this law or had very little value for it suffered a tremendous loss which intern affected every aspect of their lives. Which affected their dreams to ambitions and their family to their relationships; sadly they fell…

How To Stay Atop Resume Search Results

This is a simple technique that I may have mentioned before, but in light of me now finding myself in the position of looking for work, I realize just how important and effective this very simple tip [literally three minutes a week!] is in ensuring you get constant looks at your resume when posted on job boards.

More on the Delights of Giving Ideas a “Go”

I believe ideas are magical, they pop up seemingly out of nowhere and at the oddest of times, so who are we to ignore them or say they won’t work. I started giving ideas a “go” when travelling with my twin sister and this led to us doing some pretty amazing things we wouldn’t otherwise have done.

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