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Groundwork to Self-Improvement: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself

Every human wants to improve some aspect of themselves on a psychological, physical, and spiritual level. Yet we do not know where to start this process. The first step is to ask ourselves some direct questions and then take action based on the answers to the questions.

Tips on How to Prepare for an Interview

Are you nervous to face an interview? Are you not confident or do you hesitate while talking to strangers? In any of such condition you must try to remain calm. There is no need to panic. Just follow simple guidelines and remain alert at the time of interview. Be it a job or an admission interview; try to impress the interviewer by your skills and confidence.

Change Begins With Thought

Everything in this world started with a thought, think about it, nothing can begin unless there is a thought behind it. Anyone can make positive changes in their life, and to begin any change we first have to have a thought to change, and then we can make the change.

Try Again – If It’s Worth Doing, Don’t Ever Give Up

When we’re doing worthwhile things, we should never give up. There will be difficulties, frustration, and roadblocks, but we shouldn’t let them stop us.

Are You Willing To Be Objectively Introspective, Without BIAS?

If you want to grow as a person, you need to all you can to better identify your areas of strength, as well as weakness, so that you can potentiate your strongest assets, while addressing and improving in areas of weakness. This must be done in both an introspective manner, as well as in an objective way. While this may appear to be somewhat obvious, one of the greatest challenges most individuals face is possessing the willingness or ability to take an honest look at what makes them tick as an individual and a human being.

The Self-Sabotaging Behavior of Denial

Most people have a variety of self-sabotaging behaviors that prevent them from manifesting the life that they want. The first step in overcoming self-sabotaging behaviors is to first recognize them. One of the most powerful self-sabotaging behaviors is denial.

The Quickest Cure for Loneliness

The quickest cure for loneliness is to find a friend. Like everything worthwhile, it is easier said than done. Lonely people need a few guiding principles in their pursuit of friendship.

Seeds of Possibilities

Nature has its many mysteries. When we look deeply there is always a gift. Not only does nature nurture us, it reminds us of the cyclical nature of life. It also reminds us how unpredictable life can be. It also prepares us to meet life’s challenges so that we see change as adventure, as possibility, and as opportunity

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

By now, it has been asked of you hundreds of times. You’ve probably even asked it yourself of many kids when you have made their acquaintance. It is a simple question. Straight-forward. Clear. Concise… What do you want to be when you grow up? As an adult, a smile would probably come to your face if you were asked this ‘kid’s question’. But… do you know? Can you answer it?

Six Miraculous Changes I Have Experienced Through Jesus Christ And You Can Too!

Over the past few months, many things have changed and I believe for the better. However, these changes were anything but ordinary and the only word that would describe them is miraculous. Often, we would associate the word miracle with the supernatural and divine power of God interceding in the lives of His people, making even the most humanly impossible into possible things. When miracles happen, we feel genuinely astounded and tend to respond enthusiastically toward them. That’s exactly what I experienced. Let me share the backstory on how these changes became possible in my life.

The Third Chakra – The ‘Needs Chakra’

The amount of energy flowing through your third Chakra, the NEEDS chakra, affects the health of your reproductive system. It is the center of all creative energies that bring ideas and thoughts into material form. Energies are released here to create inventions, artistic creations, buildings and products, as well as creating another human body. When energy is released from this center, it acts as a magnetic force to bring the thought… the desire, into material form.

How Professional Are You at Work?

Are you the kind of guy your officemates would call a real “professional,” and mean it? We all want to be called professional at work for obvious reasons. We want to be the guy our officemates gravitate to for help, for advice, for conversation or just plain hanging out. We want our officemates to greet us “good morning,” with a special ring and a smile, be gifted a large bouquet on our birthday or other anniversaries. We want management to consult us for operational problems, give us special assignments, or the first on the list for promotion.

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