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I Hate You – I Love You: A Matter Of Focus

“Tim makes me so mad. I hate him!” Sara, a new client, was yelling at me. Truth be told, Tim does not make Sara angry. He triggers her rage, but Sara is making herself furious. Our focus causes the meaning we attach to a person, thing, or situation and this causes the emotions we feel.

Creating Change: Conquering Your Fears

“I have been thinking for a few years about moving to a new city, getting a new job and kind of starting over. I feel stuck where I am and feel like there is not much here for me. I am young and don’t really have anything that ties me to where I am now. Every time I think about taking the leap though, something holds me back. I guess maybe I am afraid. What if I don’t like it? What if I can’t find a good job? What if I fail? I feel paralyzed – like I just can’t make a decision.”

Coping With Change – Becoming More Adaptable in 6 Simple Steps

Change is as predictable as the sun rising in the East. Few things are as constant in life as the simple fact that things will change. With this known, why do we seem to have so much trouble dealing with change?

When Things Aren’t Right

There are times in life when we really can’t pinpoint what is wrong but we have a feeling that things just aren’t right. During these times we may feel uneasy. During these times we may feel a little stressed. During these times we may get angry quick. During these times we may not be able to know exactly why but we like we are a little out of control.

Invest in Yourself To Prevent Emotional Bankruptcy

“If you want to be truly successful, invest in yourself to get the knowledge you need to find your unique factor. When you find it and focus on it and persevere, your success will blossom.” ~ Sidney Madwed What does it really mean to invest in yourself? When you make in investment in property – you are usually purchasing it with the view to making a profit. When you invest in Retirement Plans, you are securing a financially stable future. When you invest in your children, you are ensuring your legacy lives healthy, happy and long. So when you invest in yourself, you are taking actionable steps to improve your life now and in the future. What things are you doing to invest in yourself?

Simply Want

It is not hard to find things which cost a great deal of money which we may believe we would like to have or even think we need. There are homes all over the world which cost millions of dollars. There are automobiles of all shapes and sizes which are the price of a small home. There are gadgets created every day that can make life easier, so they say, but do they really?

Use Change to Create an Opportunity

Change comes to all of us, and it appears in many forms. A new job, a health diagnosis, a different boss, a divorce, another baby, a strange house, a depleted financial portfolio, a child leaving home, the death of a loved one. Regardless of how it shows up, change is an experience that impacts our lives. We have a choice about how we approach it. Despite our tendencies to fear, fret, or resist change, we can view it as a chance to shift, evolve, and grow.

Ever Had A Dream Where Your Teeth Fell Out? Discover What Your Dreams Mean

Now I am not an overly confident person and you could imagine how embarrassed I felt during my nightmare with half of my teeth missing. Every time I touched my mouth another tooth was gone.

Should You Enjoy Studying?

This is a great question, the fact that it is always a good thing to enjoy all things that you are doing. For example when a person is enjoying the work that they are doing, the time can seem to go very quickly. So also I feel the same about studying. If a person is enjoying the studying that the are doing, they could tend to be more successful.

The Shifting Of The Earth Poles

The shifting of the Earth poles will unleash great powers that will sweep the globe. The violent storms raging in several parts of the world may still intensify. We know that the element of fire is composed of both water and fire qualities. The intensifying sun energies empower the water element, which will acquire tremendous cleansing properties. Although we may see this power as being mainly destructive, its real effect is to raise planetary vibrations to such high levels that everyone on the planet will be motivated by love alone. Scientists attribute the current dramatic melting of ice caps in the Antarctic to global warming, but also these and many other climatic changes and natural disasters are part of Earth’s deeper restructuring process.

Do You Have a Resentment Garden?

I grew up an accomplished gardener. I was well into adulthood before I understood that I wasn’t really growing anything but resentment. And I was slowly killing my relationships and myself. Afraid of venting the anger and hurting the relationship, I was, in my own way, doing just as much damage. So I began to look for another way.

Good or Bad – You Are What Your Think!

Your thoughts drive your happiness or your despair. You may say, “untrue”. Maybe you think that it’s life events that drive your joy or sorrow… and with things like death or disease, divorce or nature’s wrath upon humanity… there is an element to that I might agree too.

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