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Understanding the True Nature of Change

Embracing change is important to living a great life, but in order to accept it, we must understand it. As we become aware of the true nature of change, we begin to develop a more positive perception of it. You were not created to simply exist.

How to Be More Positive in Life

Having a positive outlook on life can make a huge difference. If you have a lot of negativity in your life then this article provides information on how to turn those negatives into a positive so that you can achieve success in any area.

Let’s Get Started

What are you waiting on? The time is now. Today is the day. Act now! “What are you talking about,” you may be asking. I am talking about getting your mind set, your heart set, and your body in motion toward your destiny.

The Top 3 Reasons Most Resist Change

If change is an inevitable, natural part of life, why do we resist it? Why do we fight relentlessly to stay the same? Why do we stunt our own growth? Here are the top 3 reasons most people resist change.

Are You Living a Fear of Abandonment and Borderline Personality Disorder?

The fear of abandonment is one of the biggest and most common issues a Borderline Personality Disorder (or BPD) sufferer has to deal with constantly. Even in mild borderline patients this abandonment fear is a common thing.

Does God Create Problems For You to Solve?

Do you ever get the feeling life is awesome and complete? Probably not too often, but when it comes, it is like hitting the perfect golf shot. Perfection rings through your whole body and reminds you why you go through all the frustration.

Apply Mind Power Techniques to Be Positive and Realistic at All Times

Our mind is powerful and with great mind power techniques, we can achieve a lot in life. One of the techniques is to be constantly positive with your thinking. Life can have the ups as well as the downs, and it is always in these down periods when you have to be optimistic and pick yourself up to pull through the difficulties.

“Reading” Persons Through Emotions

People link in various ways every day. You tend to get closer to some, whereas with others you prefer to be more reserved and stand-offish. Depending on the type of relationship you have with those around you, you manifest your emotions. Thus, you hide or disguise them when interacting with certain individuals, while openly display them with your friends. Sometimes, someone can see through to your true feelings without your realizing it.

Analyzing Self – Destructing Habits

All of us are characterized by a mixture of positive and negative emotions and behaviors. Some try to temper the negative aspects in their lives, while others freely yield to them. Smoking, overeating or drug abuse are self-defeating habits that damage one’s character.

Being the Master Or the Slave of Your Emotions

Many adolescents get in trouble with the law just because they want to show how “in charge” they are of their lives. Psychologists claim that these youth have emotional and behavioral problems of various degrees of intensity and they often adopt a defiant and antagonist attitude.

Women Entrepreneurs on How to Network a Room

How most people network, they meet someone and think, what can this person do for me? How you should network?

What Your Body Says About You

We daily communicate with people around us. We may say something but feel otherwise, we sometimes try to hide or dissimulate what we experience inside, but there are cues that somehow “betray” us. Our body with its posture, movements and expressions say what we try to cover with words.

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