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What’s Your Passion In Life?

It’s my belief that very few people ever take time to find this out. Most of us tend to hobble through life waiting to die! Dramatic, I know but it’s true!

How Is Your Heart?

I just love the DVR, don’t you? Over the holidays, during some much needed down time, I caught up on some of my favorite shows, including Oprah. (I had close to 15 shows in the queue!) One day I was watching her interview with the Aussie Country Music star, Keith Urban, who is married to Nicole Kidman.

Two Empowering Questions for 2011

Sometimes it can be difficult to connect with what you most desire to bring into your life for the New Year, and this can become frustrating. Give yourself permission to release the struggle of not knowing or feeling unclear about your goals and shift your focus inward. Long lasting change starts on the inside.

Personal Growth and Development in 5 Steps

To achieve personal growth and development is a matter of focus on persistence. The tips in this article will help you on your way to achieve personal growth and development. Remember, when actively focusing on personal growth, it will most certainly also include spiritual growth, as all human beings are indeed quite complex.

What Does It Mean to Have a Big Ego?

Egos are like opinions, everyone has one. Like opinions, some peoples’ egos are quite tolerable, maybe even unnoticeable, while others have egos which irate you worse than a shrill whistle. But what exactly is an ego?

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?: Resolving to “Being” Instead of Just “Doing”

You know that most of us try to make New Year’s resolutions at the start of a new year. We vow to make changes by doing things differently and then we set our goals of how we plan on accomplishing them. But perhaps we did it with a bit of resistance, questioning whether we would follow through with them or whether we could actually manifest our desired outcome. And then if things don’t seem to be working out, you have emotionally and energetically set yourself up for continued failures.

Trying Out Different Accelerated Learning Techniques

Accelerated learning techniques help us apply accelerated learning in a faster way. Each and every one of us learns not in the same way. We change the way we digest and absorb information so that we can make it easier to recall and comprehend. Learning doesn’t have to be at a university or in a four cornered room.

Grow Up

It’s not easy growing up. As children, we are carefree and lean on others to take care of us until that one day when we leave home and go out on our own. We soon find out that there are lessons to be learned and responsibilities to keep. We either become good at growing up or we choose to not grow up by making wrong decisions and slacking on responsibilities.

5 Tips to Help You Rise Above Negative Circumstances

They say life is 10% what happens to you, but 90% how your respond to it. Learn these 5 essential tips allowing you to focus not on the things that happen, but to give you the control to respond correctly.

Chasing the Fantasy

I have an idea of what my life is supposed to look like; of the kind of person I’m supposed to be; how my relationship should appear to the rest of the world. I think, in some sense, we all do. What I notice is that the more i try to mold and perfect that fantasy, the more unhappy I become. It’s like swimming against the current, although it’s exhausting and unnatural I can’t help but wonder what I might be missing out on if I were to stop.

Ego Mania and the Art of Choosing the Perfect Wind Chimes

I listen to those damn wind chimes on my back porch and am not quiet sure if I dislike them for being a potential disturbance to my neighbors or if I dislike them because I simply just dislike them, as a person, with an opinion. Sometimes it seems as if I don’t know what part of me forms thoughts and opinions based on my character and what part of me forms thoughts and opinions based on what I think I should and should not be thinking and feeling. How terrifying to be a grown woman and not know if I like the sound of wind chimes.

Chakras Healing Crystals

Chakra Healing Crystals can help us to find greater balance, inner harmony and healing in so many areas. In this article we’ll explore what chakras are and why chakra healing crystals can help to heal them. This is a new look at chakras and the crystals we can use with them.

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