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Pills or Awareness – Labels or Self-Love

Do not blame the psychiatric industry or the drug companies; they are only answering the call to society’s request. As that request falls away, either because society begins to see it is not working or society’s awareness develops, new requests will be asked or made and then new answers will arise. It is a supply and demand Universe. We better begin to look at the questions that we are asking.

Parenting – Steps on How to Bond With Your Children

Bonding with your children from birth until eternity helps to develop a personal relationship that lasts forever. Children need to be close to their parents and parents need to be close to their children. If you miss this important bonding step in raising your child, it is possible that you will never get it back.

Going the Wrong Way? Try Turning Around

Do you know how incredibly hard it is to get ahead when you continue to go the wrong way? Some may even say it is impossible.

If Only I Could Change My Past

How many times have you longed for the opportunity to go back to the beginning, right back where you started this journey through life? How many of us would dearly love to be able to erase the mistakes we’ve made, take different routes at every crossroad we encountered along the way, and alter the decisions that took us down the wrong path? How many times have any of you uttered those immortal words, ‘if only’? Would you have tried for better grades at school, if only the other kids in the class would stop fooling around, and let you get on and study? Would you have applied for that job with prospects, instead of the dead end one you took, because you thought you weren’t good enough. You would have applied, if only your grades had been better?

The Fear Demons Versus Audacity

Have you ever stopped for a moment to think how differently your life would have turned out had you been courageous enough to do what you have always wanted? How would your world have unfolded had fear not gripped you so tightly? What if you paid no attention to this ever present feeling of fear? But what is fear? Where does it come from? And why is it so binding and crippling? Why does fear have such a powerful grip on us?

Mind Power to Heart Power – The Way of the Future

Having a daily discipline of living in a heart centered way affects the individual and carries the power to change lives. The heart is the interface of body, mind, and spirit. Leading researchers suggest that the heart has a unique intelligence unto itself.

Accessing Intuition Through Body Awareness

Would you like to experience an EVOLUTIONARY quantum leap? Living consciously from heart-centered consciousness is the greatest evolutionary leap a person can give to themselves. By simply connecting consciously to your heart-center you make available to you instantaneous miracles and all the wisdom in the world. Really it’s that simple.

How Much Integrity Do You Have?

A long lasting career in nursing, a life of success and significance start here. Integrity comes into play in everything we do, in fact it’s more than everything we do, it’s everything we are. Having a high level of integrity is one of the most important characteristics we can possess.

Conflict Solutions – The Five Rights for Everybody

The Five Rights referenced in this article apply to basic “people skills” training and assist when talking to someone you don’t really want to but have to. These Five Rights describe a set of universal boundaries that need to be honored in all relationships. I believe that if one or more of these rights are not respected, a relationship will not endure. Important: If you don’t assert yourself in defending these Five Rights, others will tend to violate them. The famous quote and premise that “absolute power corrupts absolutely” is directly applied to this understanding, meaning that if you give up a right, it’s often natural for others to take advantage of you. Regular people will, over time and on that inevitable bad day, abuse their power and probably not get caught the first time. Read the newspaper on any given day if you need proof of this statement. Exploring these rights provides a beginning for defining your boundaries and practicing assertion skills. Understanding the psychological reasons for abuse helps reduce your judgment of others and helps you grow as an empathetic human.

Gaining a Positive Attitude – How to Let Go of Negative Thoughts

This article discusses the rise of negative attitudes, negative Vs. positive thinking, some difficult negative people, and what you can do about negativity.

Change of Thought Process Leads to More Sustainable Results

What we experience in life can be viewed from many different viewpoints. Some of those viewpoints can be catabolic (destructive or negative), in their makeup. When you feel that you are a victim, lethargic, angry or stressed about a situation, you are experiencing catabolic energy.

Analysing Your Dreams

We all dream. Dreaming is part and parcel of being alive. Whilst it is true that we don’t always remember our dreams, it is widely accepted that dream-sleep is a normal and essential part of everyone’s nightly sleep cycles.

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