Love Unconditionally 10 Minute Guided Meditation

The Power Of Being Fully Honest With Yourself

As the old saying goes, you can fool others if they cannot read your mind, but, you cannot fool yourself or your own minds. I am going to expand this “old wives tale of truth” into a whole article.

False Guilt

Guilt can carry such a heavy energy. There is real guilt over wrongs actually done, and there is false guilt, or guilt over the deeds of others.

Overcoming Worry

Worry can be such a energy drain. Read the following for some suggestions on overcoming worry.

Getting Control of Rage

Managing anger is so critical in personal growth. Problems with anger can tear down relationships. The following may be helpful in this particular challenge.

How to Be a Welcome Star?

Do you want to be welcomed by your colleges or your friends? And do you know how to be a welcome star?

Discovering Your Purpose In Life – Have You Started?

What is your purpose on a daily basis in your life when you wake up? Do you have a driving force besides money that makes you go to your job every day? It is very unfortunate, but many people are in jobs that they do not enjoy and would not work at if they could start their lives over. I once asked a mailman how his day was going in his reply to me was, I have 12 more years that I have to continue walking around putting this mail in people’s mail boxes before I can retire. I asked him, do you not like your job? He said that he hated his job and every day he dreaded going to work.

Do You Live a Life Full of Courage?

Courage is a very important factor and part of all successful people. I have never met one truly successful person in all areas of life that was not 100% courageous. Have you ever been watching TV or on the Internet and saw an idea that you had the idea for a few years back? Do you sit there and think to yourself, I wish I had done something, look at this, if only I had…? The people who are truly successful and have occurred do not usually end up saying I wish I had done something because they did it.

That Mighty Impacting Force We Call Love

A confessional article on how this writer learned about the great power of love. Despite the hardships experienced from having a Father who’s far from being responsible, this writer has learned in the end how love overcomes all hurdles.

Are You A Serial Achiever?

I was at a professional conference this past week and heard someone introduce himself as a serial achiever. That term stuck me as I had never really heard it before, I have heard of serial entrepreneur but never serial achiever. It seemed a rather neat way of looking at oneself. I took it to mean that he saw himself as moving from one success to the next to the next and so on. In fact, it turns out that he has written fifteen books and is on his sixteenth. It made me wonder though, if he ever stopped to enjoy and celebrate his achievements or if he just forged ahead into the new one. Was his joy in the destination or in the journey?

Perfection Is Only An Illusion

Modern life is full of images and the way internet has entered our life even makes it more obvious. The age of images actually influences the way we perceive ourselves, and project images and goals of perfecting into our modern daily life. These images are thought only illusions as is perfection.

Why Do We Need to Read (Great) Books

Books are great companions. They are also great repositories of knowledge and experience of people who came ahead of us. Why is it worth your time to read books, in this day and age?

Handling Criticisms

Honestly, I get pretty uptight whenever someone tells me something that I do not like to hear. My natural instinctive response is to get defensive or provoke back.

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