Love Attracts HATE? | Shocking Truth on Law of Attraction

Clear the Clutter From Your Life

I’ve always said that if I ever get into another business after the personal development industry, it will be in the self-storage business in America. Why? Because Americans are obsessed with buying stuff! And when there’s too much stuff in the house, do they get rid of it? No, they get another storage unit. You can’t even get the car in the garage – your poor car has to sit outside because you’ve got so much stuff.

What You Focus On Grows

You know it’s important to acknowledge other people when they help or support you. But do you realize that you also need to acknowledge your own success? Most of us do the exact opposite and beat ourselves up for what we didn’t do, haven’t done, or the mistakes we’ve made. We look at our ‘to-do list’ and say, “Oh, I didn’t do that and didn’t get that done.”

Do Less, Have More

The world is a noisy place, and it’s only getting noisier. When you walk in nature or go to the beach and you quietly look at the clouds, sand, trees, mountains or water, have you ever noticed that you feel better? I’m not saying you have to go to the mountains or the beach every day. I’m saying that you need to install your Introspection System in your life, to allow you to check your internal and external progress on a daily basis.

How to Clear Emotional Clutter

What are the biggest blocks in my Emotional and Spiritual Environment? The two biggest pieces of Emotional clutter are fear and resentment. Fear is clutter about the future; resentment is clutter about the past.

How the Forgotten Law of Thinking Can Subdue Procrastination?

In contrary to general understanding, our thought is one of the most powerful forms of energy available to us. You may not see it or feel it sometimes but it is the source of all your actions whether these actions are conscious-registered or not. Confusing? It is confusing for many that do not understand the law of thinking. I do not mean that your action do not follows your thought or you are a zombie. There are thoughts that are running under your nose; 90% of the time this category went by without you registering it. Frightening? The more frightening thing is that a lot of our habitual action or behavior (e.g. procrastination, lighting up your next cigarette, sinking your teeth into yet another mega buffet, uncontrollable anger, greed, fear etc) are the direct result of these thoughts. They are usually lightning fast and deadly accurate regardless of how it all started and how it will end. Once it is triggered, they will run its course unless it is properly intervened. They are the thoughts within your subconscious.

Create a New You By Cleansing Your Thoughts!

How do you create a new you? It all begins with your thoughts. You have to begin by cleansing your THOUGHTS! Give up and Forgive the Past and make yourself be Positive about the Future. Switch your mindset from going over and over and over all the stuff that’s happened to you -it happened; move on, please.

A Smart New Year Resolution – Working on Developing Your Self-Awareness

New-Year is a time for Resolutions. At times you promise to yourself to do such and such in the coming year, but put this intention aside as soon as January 1 is over. This year, however, promise yourself that, when it comes to a relationship, you will stick to your resolution.

Become One – 8 Steps To a Brand True You

Self think has the power to make and/or break anyone. In order to become whole (one) this realization must first take place in the process of thought. Advancing the fragments of your power key opens the door to wholeness of health, love and soul which results in personal success. My clients used a dumpster in the 4th quarter of 2010 to move matters of mountainous effect. You may find this exercise useful as well.

Achieving Fulfillment: How to Live Life Beyond “Having a Nice Day?”

Everybody is seeking fulfillment. But how do you achieve fulfillment. A great many people live at a surface level, seeking to be entertained in life, to have fun, to “have a nice day,” hoping to experience fulfillment. But they never go deep in either their understanding or their relationships.

How to Use Persistence to Remain Unsinkable

No matter what your goals are, there will be times when you feel stressed out by failure and setbacks, and you might want to give up and choose something easier or less challenging. This happens to all of us, so don’t take it personally. (If you do that, you doom yourself to a negative reaction that sours all your hopes and dreams.)

Personal Development And The Law Of Abundance And Prosperity

Economic conventional wisdom suggest that there is not enough resources in our universe for everyone to survive and thrive. Think again. Through self development, you can have a life of abundance and prosperity.

Forgive Your Enemies

As we go through life, opportunities to grow are created by people who are in our life. I have often said that if growing up was easy everybody would be doing it. One of the things that will either grow us up quickly or destroy our lives is our enemies.

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