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Do What You Say

Just do it. Have you ever told someone you would do something for them and then at the last minute, not do it? What about being on the receiving end of that equation? Have you ever counted on anyone to do what they said they would do, and they didn’t?

Crossroads of Life

We either get bitter or better due to things that happen to us in life. We can learn from our mistakes and failures or we can blame others and keep repeating the same things. The choice is all ours.

Coaching and Mentoring

Our society has become so mind orientated at the expense of the other centers, that for us to be balanced we need to bring this energy from the head to the hara. If this can be achieved then many psychosomatic illnesses and disturbances will vanish.

To Live a Dream – 5 Keys to Make it Happen

Have you ever wanted to live a dream? Well, you can! Stop spending most of your time making someone else rich without having much to show for it, and learn the 5 keys to live a dream!

How to Create an Environment That Allows You to Fly

On your journey to greatness, it’s important to have an environment that encourages you to explore the height of your potential. You need to be in a position where you can thrive.

The Key Factor in Finding a Real Teacher

In the search for knowledge especially spiritual knowledge, everyone wants the good stuff, high quality, the real meat of knowledge, but so few are willing to pay for it, and they do not understand how to pay. And so they float and wander from school to school, teacher to teacher always feeling disappointed and let down by inadequate teachers. This article talks about the way to find a teacher and the reasons people do not.

Bella’s Extraordinary Shielding Powers – Analogy From the Twilight Series on How to Be Extraordinary

Warning – if you have yet to read the final in the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer “Breaking Dawn”, please bookmark this page and read it after you read the book – I don’t want to spoil the plot for you. In the final book of the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer, readers learn about Bella’s shielding powers. All through the series much is made about how Edward can never read Bella’s thoughts.

The Greater Shadow

A stream of consciousness from my mind. The words of my heart. Things that I know to be true and things I have realized. An existential catharsis.

What Do Conscious Entrepreneurs and the Bee Gees Have in Common?

You may or may not remember the popular singing group from the 70’s call ed the Bee Gees, but these are the BE G’s of the 21st Century. BE Gallant! BE Great! BE Greathearted! And so on.

Riches to Rags

We live in a society where excessive material possessions and financial abundance is a life to be sought after? Once attained we marvel at ourselves and determine never to join the ranks of the poor. But what if one day, our riches run dry and we join the ranks of the lowly?

The Top 5 Reasons to Live in the Present

How many times do you feel like you are viewing your life from a rear view mirror? Sure, the view may be nice but do not let it fool you! Living in the present moment is one of the most incredible gifts you can give yourself.

Everyone Has a Book Inside Them

Everyone has a book inside them. And that’s the best place for it, as they say in the publishing business. How many people look forward to retirement, when they can write the book they have always dreamt of writing?

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