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Improving Your Personality

A good personality definitely gives you the edge. But the questions is what is ‘good’ personality? Let us take a look at what personality is, and what we mean by ‘good’.

The Dangerous Side of Self-Talk

I always hated public speaking. My first speech in my first speech class was horrifying. My classmates were concerned I was going to drop dead on the spot.

The Art of Better Decision Making

Do I ask her to marry me? Should I tell him it’s over? Can I ask my boss for a raise?

Solving the Mathematics of Life

Solutions will not jump out like a rabbit from a magician’s hat. Just like you need the right formulas to solve mathematical problems, life’s problems have to be fixed using the right principles. Principles are fundamental truths, generic denominations which are changeless.

Improve Your Personal Image – Hire an Image Consultant

What is Personal Image? Your Personal Image is what people think about you. People define your personal image mostly by what they see and hear. Read on to find out the significance of your personal image and the role of an Image Consultant in your life.

You Know Volunteering Is Good for the Soul, But It’s Also Good for the Rest of You Too

Most people think if they don’t have tons of time in a week, any volunteering they do simply won’t make a difference. But in just one hour a week, you can make a huge difference in the lives of others in your community.

Gratitude and Respect

To respect and give consideration for others, always taking care never to hinder, hold back or hurt anyone. To always consider another persons life, and what they have to do, is showing respect at the same time as gratitude, they are closely related. It is another way of developing gratitude because you appreciate those things you have the right to do. If you show respect to others, that is gratitude for what you have the abilities and rights to do yourself. You must respect others for their rights, or you have no rights of your own.

Stuff It

My, my we are a culture of accumulation. Everywhere we look there are vendors vying for our attention, advising us to add to our “stuff.” And, it seems we are answering this call to consume with flying colors!

Attraction Marketing Excellence Means Personal Renewal

It seems to me that at the heart of attraction marketing success — or any other business or personal success that could be named — lies in one form another the art of personal renewal. We need to be refreshed, energized, strengthened, and renewed.

Why I No Longer Have a Need to Talk Out My Problems – Insights From The Little Prince

Do you find you have a need to talk over your problems? Do you perhaps even like to talk about what’s going on in your life?While there are people who are quite quiet and reluctant to talk about themselves, a lot of us thrive on talking about ourselves. We simply have to talk out what we perceive to be “our problems” with someone.

Don’t Rush The Aisle – A Spin on the Attributes of Diversity

People watching is not only fun, it can be very educational as well! Because of my professional speaking and training business, I have the wonderful opportunity to travel to many different places, and observe people of every age from various backgrounds and cultures. I watch and learn new things, gain new perspectives and oftentimes, I gain a deeper appreciation because of a new understanding.

I Wonder Where Mutual-Understanding Is?

In my previous article “No BB, No Cry”, I already talk about teenager and their fast grew phenomenon. Now I will not talk further more about teenagers and BB matters. I will talk about what affect their attitude and actions toward recent daily life.

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