Living Care Free ~ A Guided 10 Minute Meditation

The Balance of Feminine and Masculine Energies

Have you been feeling this push and pull of energy since the beginning of the year? It’s like we’re split between following up with projects and wanting to do nothing-between taking bold action and passively giving it all up.

What Is Tantra, Really?

Discover the healing and spiritual growth potential of Tantra Yoga. Debunk the myths of contemporary perceptions of this sacred science. Understand how the power of Love can help you discover and fuel your life purpose.

Good Preparation – Better Presentation – Preparation and Research Are Crucial

Presentations are often common in your daily work. Often, it is the presenter’s persuasive power that will determine whether or not a project or an idea is put into practice.

About Self Development

Personal development is an ongoing process. It’s a way to assess qualities and skills, think over purposes in life, and set goals in order to achieve maximum potential as human being. Despite the early life development and early constructive experience that mold us, personal development must keep ongoing.

3.6: Protect Your Mind From Pride

It is very easy to think, I’m wiser, I’m prettier, I’m more talented, I’m smarter, I’m more popular, I’m better than you at this or that or something else. Of the seven deadly sins, pride is considered the most alluring and the most destructive. Bad pride shows up as conceit, self-importance, and rudeness.

The Law Of Forgiveness Made Popular By The Movie “The Secret” Is Only The Begtinning

According to many personal development gurus there are 7 essential laws of the Universe. Unfortunately, they can’t come to an agreement on which 7 are really the essential ones and which are supporting actors. But, it also turns out that it doesn’t really matter because they all work together, like cogs in a wheel, to make the world go round. Many of these laws have a strong basis in New Age thought or different religious backgrounds. However, while different entities have accepted and even embraced some of these laws, many of them are just reality, the same way that the law of gravity is just reality. For instance, when you get out of bed in the morning you expect your feet hit the floor. Your feet hit the floor because of gravity. You don’t expect to wake up in the morning floating up near the ceiling, but instead lying in your bed comfortably beneath your covers.

Sometimes You Have To Go Through The Storm

Life’s challenges are part of the human condition and yet none are immune from the ravages of existence. They arise for reasons we cannot comprehend and leave us like a wounded pigeon, with broken wings. Yet contained within this knowledge and in spite of life’s upheaval, we are able to reconnect to our authentic power however uncompromising conditions appear. This quote by Haruki Murakami signifies our ability to assume control of how we interpret pain and suffering, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

I’m Sorry – You’re Just Not Worth It!

Summary: This article addresses the very important question of not just working on the business but also working on the self. While professionals and business owners may well invest in business processes, marketing and professional training, how many of them actually recognise and understand the importance of working on themselves? For those who want to be really successful in their business not to mention their lives, personal development should come top of the list when it comes to investment as the individual is at the heart of everything he or she does.

8 Ways To Enhance Your Inner STRENGTH

How often have you permitted yourself to become a better you? Do you more often succumb to, and be limited by your own personal self – doubts, or do you rather seek to enhance your quality of your performances, as well as your mindset as you approach various challenges, etc? Without a doubt, we each often confront situations and scenarios which are personally challenging, and how we handle these, react and respond, often ends up defining us in either a positive can – do, or a negative fearful (and limiting) manner.

Relax, Relate, Meditate

Meditation is a an age old tradition that has become a New Age trend. Discover the benefits of a meditation practice and how it can ground you in your spirituality, release stress, and attract goodness into your life.

Get Moving With 3 YESes and 3 NOs

In order to create what you want what will you say YES to and what will you say NO to? Getting unstuck and finding the intersection between success and happiness always involves stretching out of your comfort zone. And any time you bump up against what’s uncomfortable, permission for something is required. Most of the time, your somethings are habits, fears, behaviors, patterns, or mindsets you think – or hope – you can power through, skirt around, tip-toe past, or ignore entirely. You can’t. And that’s where the 3 YESes and 3 NOs process comes in.

What Really Becomes of the Brokenhearted

Some things hurt, really hurt us. Some things are even more painful; too painful to even talk about for a long, long time. And then there is the pain that seems to never heal, the event that has left us brokenhearted, broken and believing that we will never really mend. What happens to us when this kind of incident has changed the landscape of our life in a way that seems permanent?

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