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What Did You Say “YES” to for 2011?

Just a few short weeks ago you and millions of others Declared, Promised and made New Year’s Resolutions. Are you still on track to achieve what you said you wanted? If you’re like most people you made your resolutions without a plan and without knowing how to get them or who to talk with to help you.

Why Being Kind to Yourself and Others Shapes the World

We have seen all the media images of devastating natural and man-made disasters plastered all over the world already in 2011, but why do we wait for a tragedy to bring forth our humanity, unity and citizenship? Here’s why giving kindness to a soul including our own can shape the world.

Is Your Personal Development Being Stymied By Your 8-5 Job?

Many of us have to work a an 8 to 5 job in order to keep ourselves afloat in this world. However in my opinion we are called by God to offer so much more to this world and that a job actually hinders us from truly achieving it.

Pursuing Happiness

Defining Happiness – Are you happy with your life? You only need to look peer around your community to realise how unhappy and ungrateful many people can be. They are stuck in jobs they hate, relationships which they loathe and some may have too much or too little money to ever be content.

10 Keys to Make Resolutions and Goals Work for You

When it comes to setting goals and New Years Resolutions, many people fall off the wagon just weeks after they start. So, in this article, I’m going to give you 10 keys that will help you stay on track and achieve your goals, no matter what obstacle you face.

Awaken Your Inner Power and Potential

As the world becomes an increasingly challenging place to live in we need to find new insights and new tools to manage ourselves within it. We need to reclaim control as the directors and stewards of our own lives. The golden age of technology that we are currently passing through has placed at our finger tips the opportunity to access information from anywhere and at any time.

Are You A Fruit-Bearing Tree?

Fertility is the life force, the green lush rain forest that lives within us. It is our creativity, and the expression of our birthright. I recognize that there truly are conditions that live in the body and in the environment that affect one’s fertility. But for the most part, I find that the vast amount of reproductive difficulties respond to this work I call mind-body fertility awareness. This involves shedding light on all the ways in which your body-mind shuts down, stops growing, and in all the ways that the juicy aliveness drains from your life.

12 Steps to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

A University of Minnesota study shows 80% of people give up on their goals after only 2 months. The demise of these resolutions is usually not from a lack of desire or will power but most often from a faulty battle plan.

Who Says I’M Too Old?

As a psychotherapist and a specialist in the field of mind-body fertility, I have counseled many women who have put off having children until they felt the time was right for them. Fertility is a lifelong relationship with oneself regardless of age or whether or not one has a biological child. Feeling open and receptive to the reproductive process has more to do with how we see ourselves as creative, fertile, and sensual women. And how we feel about ourselves has everything to do with unexpressed (often unconscious) thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviours often based on unfinished business from our childhood.

Transform Your Life With One Easy And Powerful Practice

Are you ready to take the steps that are necessary to live your best life? Are you dissatisfied with your life and just don’t know how to go about making the changes that are needed? Do you feel as if your life is going nowhere fast, but feel powerless to change it? There is one really good way to jump start your life right now. It is easy and requires very little effort and it is very empowering.

The 3 Stages of Turning Into Your Parents – And How to Reverse the Process!

When you were a kid – especially a teenager – do you remember watching your parents and thinking that you’d never be that way when you grew up? You likely vowed that this would never happen to you, that you would never repeat their mistakes and habits… and yet, you are recognizing these very same traits showing up in your life today. Read this article to learn how to get your life back!

Windblown Friends

True friends–you know, those really earth-gritty and gut-level ones–are rare. These people with whom we just seem to “click” add joy to our lives and somehow make us “more.” Perhaps that’s because they recognize and celebrate us as we recognize and celebrate them. Their uncomplicated “getting” of who we are allows us to let down our hair and our guard. They welcome us to life as we welcome them.

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