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Building Inner Confidence With Mentoring

Build inner confidence with mentoring. Take a self development course or talk to your inner voice to help you overcome obstacles in your life. Learn how to create a desire to take action on your thoughts and feelings.

Bible Psychology – Thousands of Years Ahead of Its Time

Genesis is not the story of the origins of life, the beginnings – it is the story of our beginnings, yours and mine. From the moment shame finds a foothold in our lives, we are damaged. We remain damaged until we find the root of such shame inside ourselves.

The Mommy Guilt Feeling

The feeling of guilt has developed inside of me ever since I was young because of the continuous blame of my parents with every mistake I made. My parents were very generous on reproach and criticism; I think that they believed that this was the best way to make us learn to be careful not to make mistakes.

What Inheritance Are You Squandering?

Whatever we may think of our (grand)parents, they will have (had) some good qualities in them. These might have been pased down to us and could be useful if we only knew what they were. Often people ignore their inherited skills and strengths and sometimes actively eschew them because of the negative relationships we have had. What about you?

What (Or Who) Is Controlling You?

Often we feel constrained by things outwith our control. Maybe you are one of those people. Are those forces really controlling us or is it simply our perception of them?

Random Acts of Gratitude

Have you recently experienced the kindness of strangers? There’s something especially meaningful about it, because there is ‘no reason’ for it. They’re not friends or family and certainly have no obligation to help you. It’s an act of giving that is it’s own reward.

Repentance – It Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

Repentance asks us to look back. Don’t all of us have regrets? Don’t all of us wish that some things had been different, that we didn’t say what we said, or that something hadn’t been said to us?

Warning Signs for Introverts: When Not to Be Alone

All of us have different personalities and no single personality type is perfect, being an introvert doesn’t exclude us. In fact, what makes all these different personalities unique are more or less the little “imperfections” we see in them.

Introverts Are Not Rude: An Explanation

Rude, stand-offish, arrogant, prude, aloof, not caring, indifferent, snob, stuck-up… introvert. These are just few of the words used to, unfortunately, describe introverts. Debunking the common misconception that introverts are rude is important in helping others understand the nature of introversion.

How To Groom Yourself

As our life goes on, we go from various problems and situations. Those moments are our real education, the best education you can ever have, some take it as an education and some abolish those moments. Grooming yourself doesn’t mean that you start to copy or act like someone. The thing which matters is that how you act according to the situation.

Embracing Sadness for Personal Growth

We all know the feeling of sadness. We also know it is not one of our more pleasant human emotions. However, sadness is necessary for human life.

Self-Discovery – What Do You Already Know About Yourself?

This article is a brief reminder to all readers that discovering and learning about yourself is more than an opportunity to reflect on the past, opportunities lost, and what could have been. Life is full of moments when we can look within and pull on our personal strengths; we first must be aware of what those strengths are. Perhaps, you have overcome significant loss and discovered new ways in which you manage stress, grieving or emotional balance. This article takes a quick look at why you are the most important person in your life. Discover the power in positive self-discovery.

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