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Love The One You’re With (Honey)

When strong emotions surface in your daily life, know they are showing you what has been suppressed for a long time and accept that by experiencing these feelings you are giving yourself the opportunity to develop as a person. When we face up to the truth of what is not currently working in our lives and accept it for what it is, we open the way for positive shifts to occur.

Do You Care About What Others Think?

We live in a society where we are overly concerned about what other people may think or say about us. This is a huge problem that definitely needs to come to a end. It is time that we stop tearing ourselves down and constantly living in fear and worry due to other peoples views about us.

Master of Emotions

Today I will master my emotions. I will control my emotions and not let my emotions control me. I can master my emotions because I am an intelligent person and by changing my thoughts I can also change how I feel. I do not assign power to my emotions, because my emotions are a product of my thoughts, and therefore by changing my perspective and attitude, I can change how I feel.

The 3 Most Powerful F Words In Life

After an emotional storm, one of the greatest challenge in life is moving forward. Not only is it difficult to put the past behind but it becomes reminiscent whenever painful situations occur because you haven’t fully let go. The 3 “F” words that we should be aware of in life are: Fear, Forgiveness and Faithfulness and once we understand how important they are to our lives, we will manage any obstacle that comes between our life long dreams.

Five Myths About Meditation

Meditation is a practice that everybody can benefit from. And it is also something that you can do very easily – any time and anywhere! Even with your busy life style and with all the noise and destructions around you, you can still meditate successfully. Read on to find out how.

Why Self-Awareness Can Help You Achieve True Success

True success can only begin to manifest when looked at holistically rather than in monetary terms alone. At the core of true success is self mastery and at the core of self mastery is self awareness, which is being consciously aware of the workings of one’s own mind and exercising mastery over it to truly achieve success in all realms of life than just finances. Ancient Eastern techniques like Yoga, Meditation, QiGong are excellent in cultivating self awareness and mastery, which is at the root of true success and balance in life.

The Perfect Cure to Accomplishing ALL Your Dreams – Know Who You Are

Do You Know Who You Are? Do you want a life of purpose, joy, and prosperity?

Searching for a Finer Mind

In this article I will take you on a journey of my thoughts and my search for spirituality and its meaning for me. For me there is a certain way of thinking that helps to manifest positive events into your life and equally if this is not checked you will attract the negative.

Can You Be Objective About Yourself?

Isn’t it interesting that even those individuals that tend to be most critical and objective when it comes to others are generally not nearly as introspective or analytical when it comes to themselves? I have often heard individuals who misconstrue being positive and having inner strength, with their need to avoid being self – critical. Each of us would gain the ability to be stronger and more productive if we would dedicate time and energy to viewing our own actions in a far less biased and subjective manner, and analyzing ourselves in the same way we rate others.

Three Exercises To Improve Eye Contact And Appear More Confident

Good eye contact is an important factor in peoples first impression of a person. It can make someone come across as likeable, positive, strong, confident, or shifty, creepy, insecure. The purpose of this article is to outline a few exercises that will particularly help someone who have problems establishing or holding eye contact, or just feel they want to learn to appear more confident and approachable.

How Travel Can Change Your Life

Travelling is one thing you can do to change your life. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and pays off for an eternity. If you can give some time to explore this notion, it will change your life either by helping you gain perspective for what you have back home. Or it will change you to the core, where you never want to go back home. As travel can change your life, by simply showing you what’s out there and who’s out there.

One of The Most Important Keys For Success

Good follow-through is imperative for success in everything you do. Here are four reasons why.

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