Listen to this 5 Minute Meditation Before You Sleep

Experimenting With Imagery

One of the powerful techniques we use in meditation is the ability to visualize. Nature provides many examples of how we can ebb and flow with the various energies of life. As we sit with these mental images in meditation, they become imprinted in our memory like real life events. The mind carries a recording of these images and at times calls upon them, for better or for worse! Hence it is so important that we filter the images which we want to carry in the suitcase of the soul.

Letting Go of Conflict From Your Past

It is possible for one to learn to let go of the conflict in their lives. Everyone has a past. Everyone has events from their past that they are not proud of. Wishing that things “were” different just isn’t going to do any good. To continue to re-think and to play a what-if analysis on past events is a waste of time and energy if it is only directed at trying to change the past. The past is history, and tomorrow’s a mystery. Focus your energies on today and avoid letting past conflict hold you back.

Easy and Sure Way to Stay in the Moment

“Waking sleep” and “mind wandering” are terms used to describe when someone is doing one thing and thinking of something entirely different, like walking down stairs and thinking about having a conversation with someone yesterday. It can be funny some times and disastrous other times. How can we stay in the moment and keep our mind on what we are doing? I discovered the answer by accident.

I, I, I, I – Me, Me, Me, Me – We Are Narcissistic

Researchers studied pop music over the last 28 years looking for trends that might explain the link between cultural change and musical lyrics. They noted that music lyrics use of the terms “me” and “I” rose steadily over the period. They contend the increase in the use of I and Me reflect an increasing cultural focus on the needs of the individual at the expense of the “We”.

Passion, Bills And Life

Your passion may not make you a living, but it will give you life. Find what you are passionate about, if you haven’t already. If you get rich pursuing your passion, you are among the lucky.

How to Recover From Past Hurts

Life is full of defining moments. Of course you don’t know they’re defining moments at the time. They can be pivotal points that help you embrace your life and forge ahead with a ferocious courage that acts as a beacon of light for yourself or others, or can act like a shadow that creeps into your heart and mind and tells you “I can’t” “it won’t work” “I’m too old” “I’m too fat” or any number of negativities that poison our lives and erode our hearts.

Group Psychotherapy Or Individual Psychotherapy – Which Is Best?

This article summarises the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. The advantages and disadvantages are discussed from a clinical frame of reference. The author has used each approach of Psychotherapy extensively. His overall Psychotherapy method was Transactional Analysis.

Confidence Building Through Productivity

One way of increasing your confidence and self-esteem is to get involved in day-to-day activities successfully. As a life coach I see all the time how, when clients know what they need to do and how they need to go about it their confidence increases as a matter of course. They may not come to me initially to increase their self esteem or confidence but these two things rise as a consequence of them getting on with their lives in a positive, constructive way.

To Inspire Courage

Knowing yourself well, as the unique human you are, will enhance your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. As on a journey, the destinations are many and varied. You are on the search for your truth and your curiosity will be your travel companion.

It’s Time to Feel Like a Kid Again

Changes in our lives have made us feel like kids again. We have rediscovered the joy of learning new skills and new ways of thinking. In this article, you’ll discover the scientifically proven reasons why we should all strive to ‘feel like a kid again’.

Smartphones Aren’t So Smart

My friends keep trying to sell me on the great technology of today, and they say I need an updated phone, an e-reader for my books and more. “Brett, my new cell phone can do this and it can do that. I can download 1000 books instantly.”

How To Overcome Fear Forever

Most people today live in a near-constant state of fear. Most people are totally unaware of this situation. People operate so automatically and re-actively to their experiences that they don’t see fear as a problem or anything to be concerned about. When everyone is afraid it just seems normal and natural to be afraid ourselves. Anyone who recognizes fear is a problem is ahead of the game in life.

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