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Don’t Overlook the Support From Those Already in Your Life

One of the lessons that I had heard before, but which was reinforced with me over the last couple of weeks, is that sometimes you can easily overlook the resources available to you when they are immediately in front of you.  That bit of wisdom came to light as I was marketing my most recent teleseminar.  Often when involved in a venture or trying something new in our life, we often forget to share what we’re looking to accomplish with those who are closest to us.

A Choice Towards Positive Evolution

It’s Not What Happens to you, But What You Do about It: I just got done reading this book based on the subject of motivation and success. W. Mitchell, the author of the book is not your average Joe.

Self Reliance Revisited

A couple of recent events reminded me of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s classic essay, Self Reliance. It’s one of those essays I was forced to read in high school and write an essay about, so I’ve never totally forgotten it.

The Crutch You No Longer Need

To achieve something as gigantic as your relationship goal, means you’ll need to know what it’s like to take a nasty fall or two. More importantly, you’ll need to know just how possible it is to get up and get moving again. Our crutches–emotional, psychological, relational or material–rob us of that valuable life lesson.

The Flame of Love

This article explains how counseling along with meditation can help us to create more inner peace. The inspiration behind the article came from my reading on spirituality specifically Sufism and my counseling work with people.

Persistence Means To Stand When Keeling Over Seems Easier

Persist even when life is tough. Believe in your ability to succeed.

Importance Of Discipline In Life And Why You Must Develop It

Gaining control over your life and affairs requires discipline. The importance of discipline in life cannot be underestimated. In this article I’ll explain why and give you two practices that you can begin today that will help you transform your life.

Are Your Past Personal ‘Stories’ Holding You Hostage?

Are you holding onto a plot that is obsolete? That no one reads any more apart from you? Do you want to let go of a story that no longer needs to be part of your identity? Do you need to rework your story now? Have you ever written your story down?

Your Situation Will Improve When You Improve

The quickest way to improve your situation is to improve yourself. Highly successful people never stop learning, developing, and reaching for more. It is when you think you can’t go any farther that you must. Always remind yourself that your full potential and greatest prosperity are waiting on the other side of what you thought you could not do.

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