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Can Wellness Be Measured? If So, How? If Not, Why Not?

Measuring wellness would be difficult and could only be approximated. I’m not aware of anyone doing it, at least not well, if indeed it can be done well. If statisticians, sociologists, epidemiologists, doctors and others not immersed in the positive qualities of the wellness concept put their hands and minds to the task, would REAL wellness be reflected? Such a measure would require an advanced appreciation of genuine wellness as opposed to simple health indices. It would have to be done in a comprehensive fashion.

How Denial Happens

What child can tolerate or comprehend the thought that their mother or father doesn’t like them, is annoyed by them, has a personality conflict with them, doesn’t love them enough to make time for them, doesn’t want to sacrifice for them, is to selfish to listen to them, or doesn’t accept who they are and therefore tries to change them into something they can be proud of? Do not read any further until you have spent some time in prayer considering the above questions.

You Already Know

My mentor used to say, “You know what to do. Why aren’t you doing it?” The first problem is that we don’t even let ourselves know what we know.

Personal Development – Complacency Kills Self-Confidence

When working on your personal growth, it is useful to address the many things that destroy self confidence. In learning about personal development, it is also helpful to self reflect and talk with those who know you well for input.

Personal Development – How to Retool Your Personality

Becoming more magnetic to others is a simple task. It begins within simple adjustments to your personality. Here’s how:

Only You Are Responsible for Your Feelings

Once I started making a regular habit of examining and questioning my thoughts, feelings and actions, I made a lot of profound discoveries; things that seem very simple on the surface, but that we really do not fully grasp. Things we may know on a conscious level but really do not give much thought to. One of the most powerful realizations is that no one is responsible for my feelings except myself. No matter what people say to me, no matter what they do, how I react is all about me…

Empowerment: Rides of Passage

Freedom, empowerment and confidence are the first words that spill from new riders as they describe the feelings of riding a motorcycle. We’ve all been there. We’re ecstatic and it feels like we can do anything. And we can – if we have the skills. Conversely, irrational fear can distort our confidence. In all cases, caution is required.

Honesty – The Best Trait A Person Can Have

It might seem easier to be dishonest to cover ourselves if something happen that is our fault but the truth is, that is not the right thing to do, we would be better off by owning up to our mistake. There is an old saying that honesty is the best policy and it is true because honesty will gain favor for us.

How Am I Doing: The Key To Reaching Greatness

How am I doing? That question is one that can lead to valuable changes, if genuinely asked, and can eventually lead to greatness if the answers are used to spur self-improvements. Greatness is often defined as being powerful, remarkable, or outstanding. There are numerous formulas promulgated for attaining greatness. One item that seems to be included as a part of virtually all formulas for attaining greatness is hard work. Although many people believe one must be born with the attributes to be great, many researchers have found that greatness can be attained by anyone who is willing to work hard. That hard work includes seeking and acting on feedback offered to assist in self-improvement efforts. How am I doing? The question is the key to opening the lock to self improvement. Once the self improvement lock is opened, the questioner will be well on his/her way to greatness.

The Porcelain Equalizer

What is it about a snob? You know, that person who believes others are inherently inferior to him or her for any one of a variety of real or supposed reasons including intellect, wealth, education, nationality, taste or beauty. This is an insightful and ironic turn of events on snobbish behavior.

Finding Meaning in Every Experience

Every experience in our lives offers the opportunity for growth and learning, even those we label as negative. We have to be willing to suspend our judgments and look for the meaning.

Leadership Magic

If I had a bag of magic dust I could sprinkle on anyone wanting to be a more effective manager, leader, parent or friend, that dust would contain two elements: the ability to effectively communicate and the ability to forge strong relationships. Let’s face it, we’re all in the people business. It doesn’t really matter what we do – in fact, it doesn’t really matter how old we are – the ability to communicate effectively and to build and develop relationships will be the barometer of our success and our happiness.

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