Letting Go of Negative Energy Guided Meditation

What Is Rejection Anyway?

To overcome rejection you must first know what it is. It is a part of every human being and is instilled in us fro birth. It is a social control mechanism and unless we become actively aware of its influence over us we will be affected by its power unconsciously.

Top 7 Tips To Discovering Your Divine Gifts

Do you know the 7 tips to discovering your divine gifts? The 7 tips are in this article. Add more of you to the world by sharing your gifts and prosper!

Personal Development and Career Advancement

I bet you thought you were through with school when you landed that perfect job. Have you realized yet, that if you do nothing about your personal development, nothing will change? “Career Advancement” is almost redundant.

Top 3 Tips From a Life on the Road

Traveling, constantly reshuffling my life has taught me some valuable lessons that college never offered. At least, not in any way that was ever meaningful to me. The world is not like I was told it was.

Understanding Your Temperament Blend – Part 1

As you learn the truth about yourself, God, and others, you are then empowered to make better decisions and to walk closer with the Lord. The lies, falsehoods, and erroneous ideas that hold you captive are all the work of Satan. He is the “father of all lies.” By discovering where untruth exists and replacing it with the truth of God, you are able to be set free.

Christian Masculinity

Men are in trouble and everyone has an answer. What is the Christian answer for what it means to be a man?

An Inside View of How and Why People Are Different

Neurodiversity is an unrecognized strength of the human race that can be used constructively to improve quality-of-life. Our neurodiversity gives us what we want in life, but, also, what we don’t want. Faulty programming causes faulty decisions and misinterpretations of situations. The good news is that we can reprogram our brains with new and more powerful programs to override what we don’t want, bringing more of what we truly desire. If you want different and better outcomes, change your thinking.

The Best Way to Improve Your Social Life

It can be all too easy to let certain areas of our life slide, comfortable that what we’re doing is fine. However, being a little more receptive to the possibilities around us can significantly improve the quality of our friendships and our social life.

Growing Pains

Sometimes it is really important to slow down and come to a complete STOP, then look back at how far you have come. Life moves so fast that it is quite possible that you will miss recognizing your progress.

Why Planning The Night Before Makes For A Better Tomorrow

Planning ahead makes life go more smoothly under any circumstance. The unexpected will happen but it is better if a plan is in place, one that can be put in place if the unexpected occur and that is a good reason to plan the night before you face a new day.

The Characteristics Of A Positive Person

The making of a positive person is all about attitude. He has a bright out look on life and he is joyful. He is the kind of person who will look outside when it is pouring down rain and he will say, what a wonderful day it is. He does not allow obstacles to stand in his way that would infringe upon his character.

Achieve Health, Wealth and Happiness When You Know How To Change Your Life

There must be some way to create wealth and maintain health and happiness. Is this some top secret? Probably not. You can achieve health, wealth and happiness if you know how to change your life!

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