Let Your Inner Light Shine 10 Minute Guided Meditation for positive energy

5 Questions To Ask Your Inner Self

How often have you felt either unsure or uncertain about what truly motivates you, or that you, in your proverbial heart-of-hearts, matter most to you? One of the most challenging things for most people is their inability to permit themselves to be objectively introspective, so that they can best understand, realize and pursue those things that mean the most, or matters most to you, as an individual. The reality is that we only become capable of fulfilling those things that matter most of us when we take the time to look deeply into what those things…

Emotions and Emotional Intelligence

When thoughts are reprogrammed, it brings in awareness which in turn drives our perception. When we follow old thoughts we follow the opposite where perception drives our awareness. So, Emotional Awareness is a key part of Emotional Intelligence!

5 Ways To Better Know How You Really Feel

What good does one’s actions serve, unless they focus on, and lead to accomplishing whatever are the highest of our personal priorities and goals, and thus, make us feel somewhat better about ourselves? While there are no absolutes (nor should there be) regarding what these should be, it should be our personal mandate to follow our own conscience, and, we can only hope to be able to do so, if we first understand ourselves well enough to trust our inner voice. We each have personal standards and priorities/ goals, but far too often, we veer away from these in our…

How Much Is Too Much Self Help?

Is too much self-help working against you? Does it feel like a chore to motivate yourself daily? This article has 3 easy steps to get out of the funk and into the flow

What Fears Are Holding You Back?

We all have a few fears and demons lurking, even the rich and famous have fears but usually they have found a way to combat them. Think of famous actors who tremble in the wings but as soon as they reach the stage and start performing they have won their battle and are free of nervous feelings.

Life Problems: No Obstacle Is Too Great

Life is full of problems. Handling those problems correctly increases your strength and builds your character. Change your habits, change your problems.

How Abuse Cultivates the Ego

This article describes the many survival characteristics a child abuse victim adopts later in life. It then illustrates how they lead to the formation of the ego.

Expectations in Your Riding

As a coach, one thing I am always on the eye out for is expectations. Just by altering a client’s expectations, I can completely change their mood. From unhappy to happy, from uninspired to motivated. From giving up, to keeping on going. I was watching on YouTube a great guy called Barry Swartz, and he said “do you want to know the secret to happiness? The secret to happiness is – low expectations.”

Courage Is Being Scared to Death and Saddling Up Anyway!

This month I want to discuss the quote: ‘Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.’ To me this is the essence of overcoming fear and achieving the success you want as a rider and in life. You don’t overcome fear. You manage it. People come to me with fear and ask me to remove it – and I say why? Fear is not a bad thing! Fear is just a marker, a signpost to tell you, that you are doing something outside of your comfort zone. Why would I remove something so powerful?

Your Dream Journal: A Record of Your Future

Okay, so for the time being, let’s say you accept that your thoughts create your personal reality. How is this information going to help you? First off, by knowing that your thoughts are creating and attracting everything in your life, you have the power to make changes wherever you want or need to make them. This sounds very simple, however as many of us have discovered, it’s is easier said than done. The difficulty arises when you try to pay attention to what your mind is doing. On average, we have anywhere from 25,000 to 45,000 thoughts a day… yes every day. Most of these thoughts are fleeting bits and pieces of information, brief flashes of memory or subtle perceptions just below the surface that we aren’t even aware of. And most of the thoughts we do notice are negative or in opposition to the life we want to be living. We’re just conditioned that way. So, you may be wondering, if I’m not aware of what I’m thinking, how on earth am I supposed to change or direct the negative thoughts that are creating all the unpleasantness in my life… ?

Meditation Time 1 – Self-Awareness

Socrates’ philosophical imperative: Know yourself! Why self awareness is key to achieving happiness.

Who Can You Count On?

How many ways do you rationalize your actions throughout the day? Rationalization is a tricky subject. A lot of times this behavior is so ingrained within us that we don’t even know we’re doing it.

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