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Beauty is Skin Deep

Many times we complain about petty little things. How our hair looks flat today or how that tiny pimple is going to ruin your whole night. Not once do think about those people in the world that wish they could have our petty little defects.

12 Tips For Conquering Fear

There are mainly two types of fear. One, psychological, which is the manifestation of our experience and perceptions about external or internal threats and the other instinctive which is a natural and spontaneous reaction to a threat to our survival. This is often said to be imbibed in us naturally, perhaps from our genes.

How Something You Don’t Even Remember Might Be the Hidden Cause of Your Problems

In the first article in this series, we talked about how painful experiences from the past, that we do not even remember, are the problem that holds us back. But how does that happen?

Discover the Number One Stumbling Block That’s Holding You Back

Let me start by telling you a story. Bob has been stymied by his inability to achieve the goals he set for himself. Oh, he has had some success. And others would admire his well-paying job, nice house, and attractive family. But he is not where he thought he would be and cannot understand why.

Who Are You Being Called to Become?

At every point on our journey, our experience molds and shapes us, calls us to be more than we are. Read more…

Using Your Circle of Influence For Positive Self Growth

Many people live their day to day lives feeling stressed out, depressed, and with the idea that they can’t do much good. These people aren’t using their circle of influence very effectively, and as a result get burned out by focusing too much of their time and energy in their circle of concern.

Forty Conversation Starters

Let’s face it, no matter how good a conversation is going, sometimes you’ll get stuck and run out of things to say. This can be especially hard if the person you’re speaking with isn’t keeping up their end of the conversation. Sometimes is seems you have little in common, no shared interests, and no reason to continue speaking with each other. This is usually not the case; some people just need a little kick-start to keep the ball rolling.

The Law of Attraction – Does it Exist? Of Course it Does! Find Out How it Can Work For You!

You’re probably like I was. You’ve heard of the law of attraction, but you’re not sure what it’s talking about. Some gorgeous Hollywood star?

Why Keeping a Journal Can Be Life Changing

Do you keep a journal? Have you ever kept or even written in a journal? Keeping a journal can be much more that jotting down your day’s activities and thoughts. It can be a place where you get to know yourself and explore your inner world. There is a special kind of journal called a guided journal that will help you do that. It is created with starter phrases or topics for you to write about and to reflect on. A really good one even has places for you to go back over your writing and note what you have learned about yourself.

5 Keys How You Can Tap Into Your Unlimited Personal Power

Do you want to learn how you can tap into your personal power so that you will be able to produce amazing results in your life? This is exactly what you are going to discover in this article. You will discover the 5 keys that can help you to unleash your greatness within and achieve great success in your life. Thus, are you ready to find out?

How You Can Get Rid of Mediocrity and Live a Successful Life

If you want to be successful, this will be the perfect article that can help you. You are going to learn how you can get rid of mediocrity and start living a successful life. Living a successful and great life is not something difficult.

Good Question

I was asked during one of my life coaching classes; what is your purpose, identity, and assignment. Then I was asked to define your life; in other words what is your message. What is your specific reason for being here? It has really had me thinking over the past few weeks; not just for me, but for all of us.

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