Let Go and Move On with EET Meditation | Instant Healing in Just 7 Minutes! [Very Powerful!!]

Are You Afraid of Mermaids and Unicorns? Fear and Our Minds

Living in fear can become debilitating to most of us. Learn why we do it and how you can put an end to the cycle.

Higher Consciousness and Right Now

There has never been a Time like this. Never before has the Time been right to be here in the Now. As we make peace with Time we join ourselves in meeting who we really are.

Transforming Your Life By Embracing And Acknowledging Things As They Are

Transforming your life from within has a ripple effect, once you activate it you will change yourself, those around you and can reach many others that you never knew were waiting for your transformation so they also could begin their journey. There is an effective power of change that is activated once you make a decision to change from the inside, things on the outside will start to follow through with the necessary choices, decisions and actions that you take. Consistency, perseverance and a desire to follow your heart will produce unprecedented results.

What’s Your Antidote?

What’s your antidote? In other words, what stands between you and the better version of yourself? The most common antidote, people choose to take, consists of millions of visions of how your life “should be”, as a result they numb themselves by missing “the moment”.

Filters of Expression, Have You Noticed?

Have you noticed the filters in your expressions? Your everyday behavior? How many times you suppressed your true desires and opinions in order to appear “nice” to the rest of the world?

“We’re Starting Up a Brand New Day, I’m Thinking in a Brand New Way” – A New Year, Unbidden Thoughts

All of a sudden there was a bone-chilling gust of frigid air filling the night… not merely cold but gelid… than which there is nothing colder but the morning after the greatest love of your life said good-bye, for good. Shivering, I had to get up… present reality being preferable to another minute of the dream being played out in my brain. I was marrying Hillary Clinton, and we were redecorating my condo as our love nest after a cosmic flood. Yikes, it was indeed time for this article… and the music for it came swiftly out of no where saying, ” I think you’ve been looking for me.” And indeed I had… I was smiling… this was how Marley (in clanking chains of course) summoned Scrooge to his destiny… and look what happened to them. I’m a literary gent, and I appreciated the reference… and this song by Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, “Sting”. He’s got the poet’s own way of insinuating himself into my life at significant moments. His words are often mine fields, often verbal shrapnel, the kinds of words one fastidious word smith appreciates in another who like you demands respect for the language and mastery from himself.

Your Past: Silent Saboteur to Your Blissful Passion

False ideas, false concepts and ideas beliefs are all wrapped up in our past. They form our perceptions about how we view our present lives and of our ability to achieve in the future. It is our past experiences, whether personal or vicarious, positive or negative, that give us grounds for these beliefs, ideas and concepts that we form.

How To Realize Surfire Predictions For 2016

One of the safest and best ways of making a prediction is to look back over previous years and conclude that some things are unlikely to change. This article ‘borrows’ from previous years to come up with an impressive list of predictions. See if you agree.

How to Analyze Why You Have Feelings of Guilt

I believe it is important for all of us to learn more as to how and why we feel the way we do. We are beings that have many feelings the strongest being that of love. As I interact from a place of love for myself and for others. Guilt has no place set at the table as does doubt,shame and fear.

Meeting the Shadow

Becoming intimate with our shadow allows us to open up to and embrace all that we are – the good, bad and the ugly. Such awareness and openness is healing. It helps to regulate reactions, moods and improve relationships.Doing so is known as shadow-work. It is all about befriending our shadow and making peace with our whole self and not just our favorite high-grade superior self, but our inferior one too.

Thanks for the Feedback

I found the recently published book, Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well, (Douglas Stone and Shelia Heen) very helpful in highlighting the profound challenge of giving and receiving feedback. They provide a framework and tools to help us “metabolize” challenging feedback in order to learn, grow and gain insight from how others see and experience us.

Life Can Be A Roller Coaster of Change: Learn How To Enjoy the Ride

Are you going through a major change in your life? Whether you’re starting a new career or ending a relationship, it doesn’t have to be a negative experience.

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