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The Three Keys To Reaching Your Goals

So many of us try to set and reach our goals only to fall flat on our faces and get discouraged. Sound familiar? It has happened to me and I am sure to many of you.

Personal Development Outside the Box

Personal development training covers many broad topics. Some of the most common are goal setting, time management, leadership and motivation. However, a lesser-known method, Neurolinguistic Programming, refers to a group of techniques that are based on the assumption that a person’s mind and language are interconnected.

Self Awareness And Self Examination, Do It

When was the last time you gave yourself a self examination? No, not the kind you do in front of a mirror. I’m referring to mental self examinations. I’m talking about self awareness, which I feel is the first and most important thing. Here’s why I say that.

Creating Change: Living for Today

“Start living now. Stop Saving the good china for that special occasion… Every day you are alive is a special occasion.”-Mary Manin Morrissey. I tried that once- put out the fine china and crystal stemware for a dinner party that included a large number of children. One of the guests wouldn’t let her kids use the crystal. She thought I was nuts.

Creating Change: Two Major Barriers to a Better Life

There are two major roadblocks that get in the way of achieving a better life: fear and excuses. The bad news is that both of these are tied to the mindset that we carry around with us. The good news is that it is possible to change your mindset and to contain or eliminate these two roadblocks from interfering with building a life that we love and are so much entitled to have.

Creating Happiness: Hello Little Miss Mary Sunshine

I went in to a meeting this morning with some business colleagues. Everyone was lamenting on the weather. Where I live, it has rained about 40 out of the past 45 days which is a bit unusual and really starting to get some people down. One of the meeting participants cheerfully chimed in that she was “so thankful” that it was “rain and not snow.”

Your Creative Energy Flows Where Your Thinking and Expectation Goes

Our brains are amazing they work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from before you are born, right up until we fall in love. The truth is our brains are far more powerful than any computer ever developed; our thoughts are in fact so powerful that they can either create or destroy. They can create the most amazing and beautiful things fill us with love and grace or if we choose they can destroy dreams, relationships.

Thoughts and Beliefs – Your Interpretation Rules Your Experience, Your Destiny and Your Life

I’ve known firsthand that “It’s not what happens to you in life, it’s what you do with it that matters most.” And “what you do with it” is essentially based on the interpretation you bring to it. Read on to experience how this understanding of thoughts and beliefs empowers domestic abuse survivors and students of life in general.

Can There Ever Be Any Greater Wealth Than Good Health?

One of the most neglected areas of our lives is our Physical health. I can never understand why so many people neglect to take care of the vehicle that supplies their energy and carries their mind. We can never expect to achieve anything meaningful and sustain our level of achievement if we continue to neglect our bodies. Why does it take a catastrophe, where we are either lying in hospital recovering from a triple heart bypass operation or we are so overweight that we cannot function properly any longer, before we see the need to take care of our health. Our health is like an expensive glass bowl, if you drop it and it shatters, you can glue it back together again, but it will never be the same. Don’t wait until your health is shattered before you attempt to make the changes you need to build great physical well-being.

How to Stay Determined

To achieve the things that you desire from life requires a number of disciplines, and if you notice people who tend to achieve more in life you could find that they do certain things as a regular habit. It could be suggested that the need to have clear goals or desires is one of the essential ingredients needed. Also it could be said that success does not happen by chance, if we consider scientific laws, do certain things and you will get certain results. For example the Law of Gravity will allow things to be pulled towards the earth. Hence if you are following success principles then you will be more lightly to attain success in your endeavours. So what are the things that can help you to become more determined?

Raising Your Performance One Degree

Simply raising water temperature a single degree means the difference between just having hot water and creating energy. At 211 degrees, water is simply ready to boil. When the temperature hits 212 degrees, the water starts boiling. Boiling water creates steam and steam can be converted to energy. This simple metaphor reminds us that the smallest changes in behavior can revolutionize performance and productivity. If there were a single word that would describe the difference between mediocre performance and performing at an extremely high level, it would be “focus.” Your ability to harness the power of focus can change your life, when it comes to becoming a high performing individual or organization.

5 Ways to Outperform Your Competition

Everyone’s looking for a way to get a leg up on the competition. Here’s some good news – it isn’t that difficult. Here’s even better news – it isn’t difficult at all. Franklin Covey’s Center for Advanced Research (CAR) conducted an extensive five-year study to gauge the level of engagement between employees and the organizations in which they worked.

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