LEO- AUG 2021- 9 Swords Reversed

What Should Our Roles In Life Be?

As humans striving to reach our end goals, what is our role with each other? A look at the question of humanity, as we may interpret it in our day to day lives.

How to Raise Your Vibrations

“Think about, what you thinking about, when you are thinking it.” Thoughts are fabulous they are the building blocks of what you see.

Personal Growth 101: The Best Way To Become Your Absolute Best

Whatever your own advancement targets are, there is something you should do. You have to actively take part in lifestyle as opposed to on the sidelines. Viewing life go by, with out participating, cuts you away from from your world, and people were actually designed to get on the market and enjoy life.

The REAL Reason Women Hate Shopping (and How You Can Learn to Love It!)

I talk with a lot of women and often I’m surprised by what I hear. In our conversations women often divulge their biggest challenges and frustrations when it comes to fashion and I’ve heard more times than I can count from women who simply hate to shop. Now hate is a strong word that I don’t like to use, however sometimes it’s exactly the right word to describe the frustration and disgust that women feel upon leaving a store – or even entering one.

Sugar Free Culture: Creating the Illusion Of ZERO Consequences

For a number of years now different companies have removed sugar from their products and replaced it with other alternate forms of sweeteners. One of the products that are often used is aspartame. This is an artificial sweetener that has been found to be not only unhealthy, but also dangerous. However, my area of interest and insight is not in the area of nutrition. So here I will explain what I believe are some of the psychological consequences.

When Things Fall Apart

Have you ever experienced a moment in your life when the unexpected hit you and things fell apart rapidly? When you wished you could turn back the clock, but you couldn’t? No matter what happens to you, it’s about how you manage your mind. In a split second you can turn from faith to fear, and everything changes.

Change Is Inevitable – Change Yourself to Stay Relevant

There is nothing as constant as change. Change is necessary and it is good. We must change ourselves to stay relevant to what goes on around us. Complaining or feeling bad for too long will prolong and create failure. The only solution is to get busy.

How To Increase Your Height In Many Ways

While it is said that you should be confident with yourself, regardless if you are endowed with greater height or not; some people still desire to become taller. To achieve improved height, there are various ways that you can try and perform.

10-70-95 – Breaking Through the Distractions

There are differing levels of retention in our lives. The trick is realizing how we remember the right things.

I’m Not Stressed or Depressed – I Just Need A Little Me Time

You handle many challenges with ease. It is time to refresh and rejuvenate. It is time to take some ‘me time’.

10 Reasons Why You Need To Give Up

When you read the title of this article and see the words “Give Up”, you might be thinking to yourself,” what is he talking about”!!! There is no space for the words “give up” in a personal development article. And that my friend is where you are wrong.

What Do You Mean? I Don’t Understand You

Have a speech challenge? Never give up! My voice box was damaged over 30 years ago, and have had significant improvement in my diction by working with a speech therapist during the last 2 years. Although it is idea to have a professional therapist, I share many tips in this article that you can start today to improve your speech challenge.

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