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The Hundredth Monkey

Have you ever wondered  that we human beings are probably  the only  specie  that  co-exists  with their  ancestors from whom  we are  supposed to have  evolved? Yes, monkeys are an inseparable part of our ecology, not just mythologically. Unfortunately   to day if some one compares us or our actions with those of our ancestors, it is considered as derogatory.

Tips for Dealing With Change in Life and Growing From It

At times when I have struggled in the past through my life it has been due to taking responsibility for issues that were not my concern and were not mine to be dealing with. Over time, I’ve learned to become aware of that, but as with all lessons, it is a continual learning process that needs a reminder from time to time.

When Will You Change Your Life?

The only thing that stands between you and the life you have always dreamed about is you! When will you make the decision to stop blaming others and start making a change in your life!

Don’t Let Your Negative Attitude Hold You Back

Life is basically full of problems and troubles, but what really matters is how you react to these dilemmas. Some people might seem very happy and content but beneath that radiant exterior lays a person with things on his/her mind.

Do What You Love – Finding Fulfillment and Satisfaction in Your Career

How to do what you love. Helping you reflect on your life, career, family, or other areas where you invest time. Identify what is really important in your life. What gives you the greatest joy and the deepest satisfaction. Whatever it takes, find a path to get you there.

Overcoming Fear To Live The Life You Want

Overcoming Fear is a short and to the point article about identifying the fears that are controlling your thoughts and actions. After identifying those fears I offer you some tools to help removes those blocks so you can get on with living the life you want to live!

Pull All The Weeds Out Now – Blossom Into Your Full Potential

What is hindering your growth as a person? Just as we pull the weeds out of a cluttered garden, so can we pull the weeds out of our lives.

How to Get to Conscious Living

Do you feel like days come and go without you taking much notice of them – except in the moment? Do you go from one day to the next giving little thought to where you are going and what that means? What are the goals you are pursuing? Are they leading you anywhere in particular or are you just going through the motions of living? What difference does it all make to you? What difference does it make to those around you?

Who Follows Our Example?

We know others watch us and learn by the actions we take and the things we say as well as what we don’t do or say. Our responsibility to do the right thing is not only for ourselves but for others who are looking to us to make the right decision. When we do the right thing we are setting an example for others to follow.

Smile Though Your Heart Is Breaking

A title from the internet made me laugh: Smile Though Your Heart is Breaking. I supposed many would be curious about this topic, so let me make you smile.

I Forgave, But It Didn’t Stick! Huh?

Forgiveness. We hear a lot about the need to forgive in order to clear past emotional traumas. But sometimes it doesn’t seem to work. Traumatic events often have many aspects. To clear a trauma, apply forgiveness to each aspect that is an emotional trigger for you. Use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping on each aspect as well to help with the forgiveness and the clearing.

Keep Starting Until You Finish

Conventional wisdom says finishing is what really counts. But I have a different take. I’ve found the only way to finish is to just keep starting, over and over again.

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