Law of Vibration is MORE IMPORTANT than Law of Attraction | This is Why..

Flexibility In Strength and Weakness

Flexibility in an environment of strength is good. Flexibility makes strength even stronger. Flexibility in an environment of weakness increases the weakness.

Eating Well Improves Your Body, Your Brain, and Your Mind, Which Ultimately Leads to Success

This article, called a squire training, is a helpful tip (or training) on how to help you have more success in you life and in your business. This specific training is focused on healthy eating and what it truly means and how important it is for a happy successful life.

Put Procrastination on Notice!

Be grateful for honoring your dream and honoring it unapologetically. The catch 22 is your dream and what you were designed to do is so unique to you, suppress it and deny it you will pay for it. Let your light shine through!

Are Your Boundaries in Place?

There’s been a lot of talk on the internet lately about boundaries. When I first started teaching about boundaries, it wasn’t as common a subject as it is now. But then it seemed, as with any good thing, boundaries got overused. We’ve all seen the emails with a blog post’s worth of text in an out of office reminder. That’s either very strong boundary-setting or over the top, depending on the reader. I told my accountability partner last week that I’d be writing an article about boundaries this week. And then I read two blog posts on the weekend and two things personally happened to me. I guess I’m meant to write this article. The best way I know how to describe a boundary is that it denotes an imaginary line drawn where that person’s emotional stuff is on his side of the fence and your stuff is on your side of the fence. Setting good boundaries requires you to be assertive, not aggressive, respect that things may not go “your way” and that’s okay, but that you have a choice as to how you will then choose to interact with the person.

Objects In the Mirror May Not Be What They Seem

Have you ever started a journey and you thought you knew exactly where you were going… but somewhere along the way there was an unexpected turn? A defining moment when you realized that this journey might just take you somewhere else and be different than you thought?

Get Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Don’t be afraid to sing a new song… to do something you never have but always wanted to. Get comfortable with who you are and who you were made to be. In doing so, you can enjoy a fulfillment you have never experienced before.

Are You A Human Dung Beetle?

Dung Beetles. Superfamily Scarabaeoidea. You might be surprised to learn that there’s a dung beetle in your family tree, maybe even at the dinner table, MAYBE in the mirror (are YOU a dung beetle?)

High and Low Levels of Consciousness – What Does It Mean?

The meaning of higher and lower consciousness in practical terms. Humans love to label everything; here I explain how and why we label consciousness denuding it of its place of huge significance to our wellbeing. This the first, introductory article, in a series that will follow on consciousness and how to use it, access it and engage with it on a deeper level.

Personal Growth

Personal growth is a crucial part of anyone that wishes to get better in their field or in life. Growth is all about getting better.

5 Benefits of Moving to a Foreign Country

There are five benefits to living in a foreign country, and I would like to share them with you. One, is introspection. Living overseas gives you more perspective on just about everything, yourself included.

ABC of Expat Woman’s Life: I – Identity in Transition

Whether you like it or not, moving abroad will have a big impact on your identity. Would you like to understand why? Read the following article and find out how you can be in control of this transition.

Dream Interpretation – The Window to Your Soul

Interpretation of dreams was used for many centuries by kings and warriors to plan attacks to their enemies and predict the future. Priests, magicians and people who had the ability to interpret dreams were considered divine and were extremely powerful at their time. In the modern world of computers and technology, dream interpretation is rarely used to guide futures and destinies but it is believed to represent a window to our inner soul. The scenery of a dream consists of many symbols, each one relating to a different memory, feeling, wish or something from our unconscious finding its way to the surface.

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