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Volunteering At The Library – What I Get Out Of It

Volunteering is something that should be done from the heart, because you want to and not because you are looking to get something out of it. For me, volunteering is about personal growth, about helping and serving others, and not expecting anything in return. When you help others because you truly want to and not because you’re expecting anything in return, sometimes some wonderful things can happen.

Beyond Belief

If I continue to believe that I don’t know anything for sure, and I continue to investigate the world beyond what my brain is automatically processing for me, I have a better chance of experiencing so much more in this world. I will be filtering less, because I believe there is more.

Your Attitude Is More Important Than You Realize

How is your attitude? Studies show that your attitude impacts how well you age.

That Missing Word

For me, life is a routine, of sorts. Upon arising and performing my daily ablutions, I then approach “it.” You know, the “thing” that most people despise and are certain is a liar.

Grace Is Not Pretty

“My life is brilliant” So begins James Blunts’ song “You’re beautiful”. He believes this with such conviction that the second verse to the self-same song repeats this sentiment. There appears to be no doubt in his mind vis-a-vis his life.

What’s Wrong With Your Environment?

It’s to easy to stay wrapped up in the security of our everyday life. If you’ve cornered yourself and looking for a way out, it may be easier to start simple and slow. Slow is better than not at all and simple makes it easier.

Secret To Being Successful in Business

A great mindset can propel you forward in your life and business, while a bad mindset can make your life miserable. It’s up to you. Do you want misery or do you want success?

Thirty Sure Signs That You’re Thirty

I sat on my sofa for a few hours, trying to define what the heck was happening to me. It was my thirtieth birthday. Big things were happening. Things that varied greatly from what was happening, say on my twenty fifth birthday. Today, I’m still thirty, but now I’m over half way through it, and I’ve gained a sense of expertise.

Could This Be the One Thing Stopping You From Living the Life You Really Want?

Often times we go through life wondering why we aren’t achieving the success, happiness, or fulfillment we seek. And, because we don’t have the necessary insight to understand what’s stopping us from achieving or aligning with these things, we sometimes put the blame on someone else or perhaps play the role of the victim. If you’ve been struggling to make sense of it, I invite you to have a look at this article.

Career Change – From Office Job to Working for a Billionaire, on His Super Yacht

Sometimes making one different decision can take your career and life in a whole new exciting direction, like happened to me. Read about my experience of making a life changing decision about my career and how this decision took me on a new path into a completely new world.

The Moment I Decided to Stop Holding Myself Back

The hardest time in my life was when I lost my focus on being who I really am. This is how I overcame those challenges.

I AM Valuable

What happens to you when you say, “I am valuable”, to yourself? Do you cringe, want to hide, or think, “That’s just not true!”? If you are like many of us, you’ve had experiences where you were told, either verbally or through behavior, that you are not valuable.

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