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Regaining Your Personal Power Through Neuroscience and Love

Regaining your personal power is your navigation system to a better life. Personal power is a combination of brainpower, “heart power” and a sprinkling of “ego power.” Proven practical neuroscience methods get you started on your journey to regain control of life. You can trust that your brain, heart and the natural order of the universe are working in your favor.

Dachshund Kisses and a Revelation in Authenticity

She has no idea what she cannot do. It doesn’t seem to occur to her that she can’t walk on two legs like me. Or that she cannot carry on a conversation with me while I work during the day. She’s not upset that she doesn’t know how to put on a sweater or even get her own food. She simply does not think about what she is NOT or CANNOT do. Nope. Instead she is thrilled to be who she is, doing what she does; a cute as a bug, little brown dog with a whiplash happy tail and bad breathe who pops on my clean floors, un-stuffs her toys, and jumps around like a Mexican jumping bean in a tin cup. And better still, she doesn’t care what I am not either. She loves me just as I am and I’ll just leave that there and refrain from self description.

You Don’t Know What Someone Else Is Thinking

I’m going to assume you are thinking “Elizabeth, I know this!” But there I go – thinking that I know what you are thinking. Seriously, if you stop and think about it – how many times a day do you assume you know what someone else is thinking and then make a decision based on what you think they are thinking!

Living Your Words

What does your life say about the words you are speaking? To find out how your life can be a direct reflection of your words read this article. When you have completed the article decide to start speaking or continue to speak words that give your life…life. It can have a huge impact on you today, tomorrow and in the future.

Exercises to Become Tall

Exercising is a healthy way to gain height. There are different exercises to become tall and if you do them rightly, you will see the good results very soon. Yoga exercises aim to stretch your limbs by exerting pressure through various bodily twists and turns besides other stretching and free hand exercises that work in their own ways.

Reality Or Projection – What Do We See?

One of the questions I have been asking myself recently is; are we seeing reality based on how it is today or are we interpreting and creating it based on what happened in our past The first response to this question could be; Of course we are seeing reality for how it is today, what else is there. This sounds like a reasonable and even a logical conclusion, to think that we are just experiencing life as it is and there is only one meaning when it comes to the situations and experiences in our life. But what…

Change Your Mind, Create Your Life

There’s only one way to succeed in life: Stop listening to negative voices! Those inside your own head and those from the outside! There are forces in this world that want – I said it right – WANT to keep you believing lies.

Money Is Just an Excuse

Last week I sent out an email asking for your response to what holds you back from making the changes in your life you say you want to make. I am so grateful for the responses I received. I was also interested yet not so surprised at the answers.

Jazz’s Cookie

While I was walking my pooch this morning, UPS was making a delivery. When the driver jumped out of the truck with the package, he had a doggy biscuit for Jazz.

Knowledge Equals Power

Following my exploration earlier this year of the value of excellence, I’d now like to take a look at the value of knowledge Living in an era in which the acquisition of knowledge is as easy as tapping a key or two on our laptops, it is difficult to imagine that in the not too distant past knowledge was reserved for a chosen few and that those, unfortunately, more often than not would use their privileged position to keep the rest of humanity in the darkness of ignorance. Clearly the chosen few were very aware of the truth that KNOWLEDGE = POWER.

The KISS Principle: Keep It Simple Stupid

Life really is much simpler than we tend to make it. It is up to us whether we allow it to be so or not. It is our choice. My motto: KISS. Keep it Simple Stupid! Here is how.

How to Change Your Life Now!

Are you in a mess and having a really tough time right now? Here’s some immediate advice on how to change your life now.

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