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What Fires the Heat of Passion

Passion, that raging emotion that causes us to rush headlong into the wind with utter abandon, a fire that eclipses all reason; what ignites this kind of exhilaration? Passion has a calling card that can’t be ignored. It is the lightening flashing from our eyes, a reflection of the call of the wild in us. What drives us to the pursuit of riding the heat of passion?

The Attributes of a Professional

Even though the precise meaning of the word ‘professional’ is one who has expertise on a particular subject, there is yet another subtle shade of meaning attached to that word. This is often applied in the practical sense to express the occupational ethics of a particular person.

Four Times When It Is Good to Be Antisocial

Social media is a wonderful tool that has brought many together. But what do we do when it is not so wonderful? There is a way we can take control of social media and to use it to improve our world.

Work-Life Balance – Lifestyle Under Scrutiny

The expression ‘work-life balance’ means a balanced relationship between professional and private life. Many people come to realise that, although they have succeeded brilliantly in their careers, they are very lonely at the same time.

Motivation and Quality Assurance by Internal Certification

A Forsa study indicated that more than 75% of the working population would accept vocational training instead of a salary increase. Vocational training is especially appealing when it results in a better position within the company. Achieving a certificate creates an additional incentive, as well as the perspective that the skills learned can often also be used successfully in private life.

Lifelong Learning Has Many Facets

What percentage of the knowledge that you gained during your apprenticeship or at university can you actually use during your day-to-day work life? And what percentage of your expertise have you learned during your working life? Most people say that their on-the-job experience is by far the greater teacher of useful, practical, effective information and skills.

Personal Initiative – Easy to Destroy, Hard to Build

Personal initiative, team spirit and positive thinking – for entrepreneurs these three attributes are what they most want from their employees. These are the results of a people skills survey which was conducted before the People Skills Day.

Your Dreams Have The Power To Change Your Life

What if our dreams could show us how to get everything, and I mean everything, we want in life? What if our dreams could alter our world, our reality? What if they could mend our broken hearts or heal our very souls? Would changing our lives be worth the effort? Would love, joy and abundance be a big enough payoff? Well, I’ve learned from over four decades of working with dreams that that’s exactly what they do, and more. Much more. How beneficial would it be to us to know what shape our lives are taking, what direction we’re moving in, what circumstances we’re creating or attracting? How valuable would it be to be able to avoid sabotaging our own happiness, success and relationships? By paying attention to our dreams, learning to read them, and acting on their message we have the power to do just that.

My Dad’s Secret to Being Charming

I remember asking my Dad, when I was 16, how I could become charming. I must admit that my motives were hormonally inspired at the time, but what he said to me has affected my life and relationships ever since. He looked at me and said, “Son, you become charming by…

Reading Faces – How Faces Reveal True Identity

What do you see when you look at the people in your life, or even strangers on the street; do you notice their face, their eyes, their posture? Do you see lonely eyes, filled with pain that beg you to look closer? Can you see joy, excitement, guilt or shame? Look carefully; everyone carries their life story on their face. How they are feeling, what they have endured, how they feel about themselves and their life are all imprinted in their face.

3.2 Protect Your Mind From Depravity

Do you watch those mystery documentaries where they take a crime and re-live it, then follow through to the capturing of the perpetrator, his/her trial and ultimate incarceration? We do. One especially gory episode we started to watch featured a variety of hideous acts that led to the brutal deaths of a whole family.

Life Lesson Stories for the Telling

Stories have the power to change our lives by reflecting life back to the audience. Here are two stories from my vast collection of over 700.

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